What beta hcg testing means in egg-eating diagnosis

Incubation is an abnormal condition during pregnancy, which if not detected early and properly treated can lead to dangerous complications. The hCG test in the egg is a routine test, which is important in diagnosing and monitoring the patient during treatment.

1. What is egg-laying and how is it treated?

1.1 What is egg-laying?

Usually after the eggs and sperm are combined with each other during fertilization will develop into the fetus and the apperations have a protective effect, nourishing the fetus such as the placenta, amniotic sac.

However, in some cases, cultured cells grow too quickly, the connective and capillary organizations of the umbilical blood vessels of the umbilical cord vessels in each other grow in time leading to degenerative spines, edema forms bags containing grape-like juice filled with water , these bags are not connected to each other but connected by small fibers, 1-several tens of millimeters in diameter that overwhelm the fetus. This phenomenon is called egg-laying.

Egg-eating consists of two types:

  • Completely ovulation: The entire spines of the fetus become a water follicle, in the uterus without pregnancy.
  • Semi-ovulation: Only some fetal vegetable spikes become water follicles, in the pregnant uterus.

Egg-laying usually occurs in women over 35years of age , women who have given birth several times, have an unusual history of first-time pregnancy, who have an inadequate diet, lack of protein, folic acid, vitamin A,…

Beta hcg test for eggs

Egg-laying usually occurs in women over the age of 35

Most cases of egg-feeding are benign but some cases can progress to dangerous complications such as blood loss, blood bandages, eggs ingrained in the muscle layer of the uterus, perforation of the muscles of the uterus, bleeding of the abdomen. In particular, cells raised in the placenta with cancer can enter the mother's body through bloodstream, causing the cancer to meta metalyse to parts, which is a malignant cancer that causes a high mortality rate.

1.2 Treatment of eggs

Patients after a diagnosis of incubation are usually prescribed an abortion, a combination of oxytocin infusion to shrink the uterus and the use of antibiotics to avoid infection. Scrape again for the second time in 2-3 days if the first time the scraping does not reverse the egg. Scrap tissue samples will be sent for surgery to determine if the cancer cells contained. The patient should contraceptive within 2 years after treatment.

In case of invasive incubation perforation of the uterus in women who are older or do not want to have any more children, the doctor may prescribe a post-abortionuterus abortion .

2. Implications of HCG test in eggshell

2.1 Beta hCG is a basic egg test that diagnoses the disease

When patients have egg-taking, hCG beta levels are typically higher than 100,000 mUI/ml. Ultrasound imaging and egg-chop beta test results are two subclinical factors that primarily help the doctor diagnose the disease.

2.2 Egg beta test helps monitor the effectiveness of treatment and disease development

HCG beta levels will drop rapidly in the first week after egg scraping, about 80% of patients will have normal urine hCG levels within 30-60 days. However, to ensure that the egg pregnancy has been completely eliminated, patients need to test for hCG beta levels within two years for follow-up.

The frequency of tests is as follows:

  • After receiving an abortion, the patient perform a hCG dosing test once a week until the hCG concentration returns to normal.
  • For the next 6 months, if the previous results were negative, the test once a month.
  • After that, continue dosing every 2 months until sufficient follow-up time is two years.

During the follow-up period, if the results of the hCG test for incubation occur in the following cases:

  • The next beta hCG concentration is higher than the previous one.
  • The hCG beta concentration for 3 consecutive tries does not decrease or decrease below 10%.
  • Beta hCG concentration > 20,000 UI/L after 4 weeks of egg scraping, beta hCG concentration > 500UI/L after 8 weeks of egg scraping, beta hCG concentration > 5UI/L after 6 months of egg scraping.

The disease is considered unfavorable progress, patients need to be examined carefully, ultrasound and perform other tests to detect complications of the disease.

Beta hcg test for eggs

Egg beta test helps monitor the effectiveness of treatment and disease development

Fortunately, the treatment of incubation does not affect a woman's ability to get pregnant, the incidence of the next pregnancy is very low, only from 1-2%. However, to ensure safety, women should only become pregnant after 2 years of follow-up treatment without complications. The next pregnancy, the patient should be closely monitored, especially during the first tri tri month of pregnancy.

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