Meaning of blood alcohol test indicators

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is performed to measure the amount of alcohol (ethanol) in the body and results even when drinking alcohol for a few minutes. Both legally and medically, the meaning of the blood alcohol test index is used to find out if the person tested is intoxicated as well as to apply certain behavioural controls if necessary.

1. How to test for blood alcohol content?

Blood alcohol testing is in place when a person is suspected to be intoxicated. Symptoms of alcohol intoxication include confusion, lack of coordination, instability that makes it difficult to stand or walk, or erratic or unsafe driving.

In terms of medical techniques, blood alcohol testing is carried out according to the following steps:

  • Disinfect the site of vein poking to remove blood with an antiseptic solution without Ether, alcohol.
  • Take 3ml of intravenous blood into a tube free of anti-freezers or tubes with anti-freezing substances Li-Heparin and EDTA. The blood test tube must meet the standards and the button ensures tightness and tightness. Blood needs to be transferred to the laboratory within 30 minutes.
  • Blood needs to be centrifugal immediately to separate serum or plasma. The patient is stable for 2 days at 15- 25 degrees Celsius, 2 weeks at 2- 8 degrees Celsius, 4 weeks at (-15)- (-25) degrees Celsius. If anti-freezing is equal to Sodium Fluorid, the patient is stable for 2 weeks at 25 degrees Celsius, 3 months at 5 degrees Celsius, 6 months at -15 degrees Celsius.

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Blood sampling tests blood alcohol levels

2. Factors influential indicators of blood alcohol testing

Usually, the test index is not affected when: yellow serum, hemolysis … However, blood alcohol levels may vary if:

  • Use alcohol to cleanse the skin before inserting a needle to draw blood.
  • There are high blood ketones, as in diabetic acidosis.
  • Take cough medicines containing alcohol or natural health products, such as kava or ginseng.
  • Drink other alcohols, such as isopropyl alcohol or methanol.
  • Patients take contacularly with drugs such as antihistamines, barbiturates, chlordiazepoxids, diazepam, isoniazid, meprobamat, opiat, phenyltoin and sedatives.


Use of certain medications may affect blood alcohol testing

3. Meaning of blood alcohol test indicators

Normally, the blood alcohol level is equal to 0

  • If the BAC reaches 0.03: You still feel in control of the body , but in reality, there are signs of confusion, vision and judgment are no longer accurate and at this time, it is already difficult for you to be able to do two things at once.
  • If the BAC reaches 0.05: You have reduced your ability to be self-conscious, have difficulty controlling the body and vehicles, it is difficult to focus on moving objects and also reduce the ability to respond quickly to emergency situations.
  • If the BAC reaches 0.08: At this time, you can not stand and have difficulty talking and looking straight. The ability to react, judge, control itself has decreased quite a bit.
  • If the BAC reaches 0.10: The ability to react, judgment continues to be worse, slow speaking, poor coordination, slow thinking.
  • If the BAC reaches 0.20: At this time, you can confuse, stagger, faint or vomit.
  • If the BAC reaches 0.40: At this level you can be in a coma and life-threatening, so you need a timely emergency.
  • If bac exceeds the threshold of 0.05, the likelihood of death is very high.

Usually, when drinking alcohol into the body, the blood alcohol content increases over time: reaching a very high threshold after 30 minutes – 1 hour and being eliminated after 4-5 hours. In the case of liver failure: the sugar that shows alcohol in the blood increases higher, and a fixed concentration occurs earlier (25 minutes). Sugar shows an increase in blood alcohol levels that occurs more slowly and at lower levels when alcohol absorption occurs during and after meals, or when absorbing alcohol along with sugar.

Causes of Acute Hepatic Impairment

People with liver diseases should limit alcohol use

It should be noted that the blood alcohol test only measures the amount of alcohol in the blood at the time of sampling. It does not show how long it has been drinking or how long there are problems with alcohol use. For your own health and the safety of those around you, really consider when using alcohol.

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