Handling of inflammation of the uterus during pregnancy

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During pregnancy the resistance of the mother's body decreases, along with an endotormonal change increases the risk of gynecologic inflammatory diseases. Cervical inflammation during pregnancy not only affects the psychology and daily life of the sisters, but also affects the health of the mother and the fetus. This condition, if not treated, can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, can cause amniotic infections, newborn infections increase the risk of death after birth.

1. Is cervical inflammation during pregnancy dangerous?

Cervical inflammation is an inflammation caused by pathogens that enter the cervical that exist and develop pathogens. Normally, women are also very susceptible to cervical inflammation if they do not pay attention to maternity health care. For pregnant women especially in the first and last 3 months of the cycle, the risk of cervical inflammation is higher.

Cervical inflammation during pregnancy affects the health of mothers and babies such as:

  • Inconvenience to the living: when there is cervical inflammation, the pregnant woman sees a lot of gas damage, there are color abnormalities and an unpleasant odor. The closed area feels itchy, burning and swollen, making it very difficult for women to live.
  • Severe cervical inflammation can cause miscarriage, still death, premature birth. Especially cervical inflammation during pregnancy in the first 3 months increases the risk of still pregnancy, miscarriage.
  • If not treated causes amniocentesis, post-birth infection in babies.
  • Children are also more likely to have pneumonia, eyes …

2. Causes of cervical inflammation during pregnancy

  • Pregnancy hormones imbalance the first tri month,the body has many changes in resistance, unbalanced hormones make viruses, bacteria, fungi … have conditions of penetration and development that cause gynecologic inflammatory diseases, including cervical inflammation.
  • Altered vaginal environment: Female sormonal imbalance during pregnancy also leads to a change in pH in the vaginal environment. In addition, some pregnant mothers regularly use strong alkaline sanitation solutions that alter the vaginal environment and cause the bacteria to spread from the vagina to the cervical and cause cervical inflammation.
  • Unsafe sex: The problem of having sex during pregnancy without a safe french disease also makes bacteria easily spread and causes inflammation.
  • Not cleaning the closed area regularly or improperly cleaning is also the reason why women are susceptible to cervical inflammation as well as other inflammatory diseases of gynecology.

Inflammation of the uterus during pregnancy

The first tri tri-month gestational imbalance can be the cause of cervical inflammation during pregnancy

3. Recognizable signs

Signs of cervical inflammation vary with each cause of the disease

Caused by bacteria or fungi… there are different signs.

Often gynecologic inflammation has such signs as:

  • The gas spoils a lot, unusual colors such as opaque white, yellow, blue … Or there's blood, there's an unpleasant odor.
  • Itching, swelling of the closed area,
  • The sensation of burning of the closed area, especially when urinating .
  • Pain and possible bleeding during sexual contact, abnormal vaginal bleeding may be seen.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.

4. Treatment of cervical inflammation during pregnancy

  • When there are signs of suspected gynecological inflammation during pregnancy, women should go to a medical facility for examination, know the cause of gynecological inflammation and be prescribed appropriate medications.
  • Usually during examination, in combination with a vaginal secretion test, the doctor finds out the cause of cervical inflammation can be fungi, bacteria from which the drug shelf puts the vagina in accordance with the condition.
  • Vaginal tablets prescribed by the doctor are usually coordinated between 3 antibiotics and antifungal drugs for the local treatment of bacterial infections in the vagina and cervical due to bacteria or fungi. The drug given to pregnant women is not seen to be harmful to pregnant women, so when necessary and seeing more benefits than harm, the doctor still prescribes the tablets.

Things to pay attention to when treating cervical inflammation during pregnancy

  • Follow the doctor's prescription treatment, do not stop the drug on your own and do not take the drug without the most prescribed pregnancy in the first 3 months.
  • Usually if there is a fungal infection, the doctor will prescribe a combination of treatment for the husband, must comply with the use of sufficient doses.
  • Combining vaginal placings with feminine sanitation water, increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Do not have sex during treatment.
  • Wear well-ventilated clothes, avoid wearing too tight clothes, stews.
  • Keeping mentally comfortable, avoiding anxiety, stress will also help mothers treat the disease effectively.
  • Re-examination after taking all the medicine.

Inflammation of the uterus during pregnancy

Note for re-examination after taking all medications

5. How to prevent gynecologic inflammation during pregnancy

  • Clean the enclosed area cleanly and properly, clean from front to back (from the vagina to the anus), do not do the opposite.
  • After urination or urination, it is necessary to clean the enclosure by rinsing it with clean water and then drying it with a specialized cotton towel. Cotton towels need to be washed daily, it is best to expose themselves to the sun.
  • Do not wash in the vagina, especially pregnant women because they are vulnerable to damage to the vaginal area and cause a hemorrhage of the uterus.
  • Before and after sex, the couple needs to clean the genitals.
  • Choose underwear made from airy cotton material, which has good absorbent ability.
  • Avoid using strong detergents and soaps.
  • A reasonable diet restricts sweet eating, enhances the intake of fruits and vegetables especially those foods rich in vitamin C that help increase resistance.

Cervical inflammation during pregnancy has a significant impact on the health of the mother and fetus, so you should pay attention to avoid gynecologic inflammation during pregnancy. when there are signs of the disease, you should not take the medicine on your own, but should go to reputable medical facilities to be examined and prescribed appropriate drugs that do not affect the fetus.

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