Ferritin test during pregnancy

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Doctors consider anemia, iron deficiency during pregnancy as an obstetric threat so it is necessary to get tested for ferritin during pregnancy. The Ferritin test means a dosing examination of the iron that is in the body of the pregnant woman to determine whether the pregnant body lacks or excess iron. From there, there is a direction to supplement or eliminate iron out of the body.

1. What is ferritin test?

Ferritin is a protein cell in the blood that contains iron. The ferritin dosing test is a test that measures the amount of protein in the blood to diagnose the production of ferritin proteins. Often applied to diseases of the liver, diabetes, armor, cancer and other inflammatory conditions.

Going for a ferritin test will help your doctor understand how much iron your body is stored. If the ferritin test shows lower than normal levels of ferritin in the blood, it means that the body's iron reserves are low and there is iron deficiency.

If the ferritin test shows to be higher than normal, it may show that there is a condition caused to the body to store too much iron. It can also point to liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, other inflammatory conditions, armor or some cancers that can also cause high levels of ferritin in the blood.

Blood tests

Going for ferritin tests will help doctors understand how much body iron is stored

2. Why ferritin testing is required during pregnancy

Ferritin testing during pregnancy is required when the pregnant woman is suspected of anemia, iron deficiency or excess iron. Then pregnant women will have such manifestations as: the body is tired; the sick are pale; frequent headaches…

Or when mothers have symptoms of mycitis-joint disease; in the person is always unpleasant, without spirit,… can also be prescribed a ferritin test, as the risk of ferritin levels in your blood is high.

The causes of iron deficiency or excess iron in pregnant women may be due to:

  • Adding too much or too little iron will increase or decrease iron levels in your body.
  • Mildly increased Ferritin levels can be seen in hemolytic anemia, chlorinosis, alcohol abuse, acute hepatitis, and chronic infectious diseases…
  • Excess iron can also be caused by mutations in the genes HAMP, HFE HFE2, SLC40A1 and TFR2. Mutations in these genes reduce the control of iron absorption during digestion and alter the distribution of iron to parts of the body.

Pregnant woman threatens miscarriage

Pregnant mothers with iron deficiency will present with dizziness, headache, fatigue,…

Pregnant women with excess iron will lead to many serious consequences for both mother and baby:

  • When the amount of iron in the body increases excessively leads to an increase in free iron levels and hemoglobin hemoglobin hemoglobin levels. This can make it difficult to transport blood and oxygen from the mother to the fetus.
  • Babies are born with underweight, premature birth and even death.
  • The excess iron accumulated long in the pregnant body will put pressure on the liver and spleen, which in the long run leads to spleen failure, liver failure, diabetes mellitus due to pancreatic dysfunction. Excess iron also causes cardiovascular diseases, stroke, parkinson's and cancer.

Anemia, iron deficiency in pregnant women causes hypoxia in organizations, especially in some agencies such as the heart, brain … can have severe consequences for mother and child:

  • For pregnant women will be prone to miscarriage, placenta striker, placenta peeling, gestational hypertension, pre-production jerky, premature amniotic fluid, post-birth blood bandages, post-production infections.
  • Babies born with low birth weight, premature birth, pregnancy failure, prolonged resuscitation treatment period, are more susceptible to newborn diseases than non-anemia babies.
  • Children of mothers with gestational anemia at an early stage of pregnancy have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than other children; long-term effects on a child's brain development and impair their learning ability due to defects in the formation of myelin due to iron deficiency.

Therefore, doctors have considered anemia, iron deficiency during pregnancy as an obstetric threat so it is necessary to go for a ferritin test during pregnancy.

3. Steps to do ferritin testing

Step 1: Before the ferritin test,the pregnant woman needs to fast before 6 hours when taking blood for this test.

Step 2: During ferritin testing, the doctor conducts blood sampling by taking intravenous blood.

Step 3: The blood samples taken will be sent to the laboratory for diagnostic analysis. The pregnant woman can return to normal functioning immediately.


Before conducting ferritin testing, pregnant women need to fast 6 hours in advance

4. Prevention of iron deficiency or excess in pregnant women

Prevention of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women:

  • For those at high risk of iron deficiency, use iron supplementary measures. Pregnant women need to combine scientific drinking with regular iron pills, one a day during pregnancy until 1 month after birth.
  • Improve the ǎn regime, diversify the food ǎn: use a variety of foods, especially foods containing high iron content such as meat, eggs, secretion, vegetables rich in vitamin C.
  • Combine iron with protein, especially animal proteins that are abundant in red meat, chicken and fish. If only exclusively supplement foods rich in iron will not be able to increase the amount of red blood cells in the blood.
  • Addition of green leafy vegetables, potatoes, raisins, peas, pomegranates, apricots, bananas, black currants,… they're all rich in iron.
  • Coordinate with initial health care programs, infection prevention, environmental sanitation, helminth prevention.

Prevention of excess iron in pregnant women:

  • If you are taking iron, the pregnant woman should stop taking the iron immediately.
  • Eat more fiber, vegetables because the fiber in vegetables helps reduce iron absorption.
  • Use foods with di diing effects such as pennywort, corn vegetable juice,… to quickly eliminate iron out.
  • If there are more serious symptoms, medical facilities should be immediately visited for diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the level of excess iron in the body, the doctor may prescribe iron waste, intestinal rinsing,…

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