HPL dosing test in egg pregnancy

HPL stands for Human Placental Lactogen as a hormone excreted from vegetable spikes, quanting HPL that can assess the growth of fetal vegetables. In pregnancy the amount of HPL is reduced compared to normal pregnancy.

1. Egg pregnancy

Egg pregnancy, also known as hydatidiform mole, is a pathology transformation of cultured atoms. Egg pregnancy is characterized by water degradation of vegetable spikes and the over-production of cultured atoms.

There are 2 types of egg-laying: a part-time egg is when only some vegetable spikes become water follicles, in the uterus there may be a fetal part. Completely ovulation is the entire spikes of vegetables that become water follicles, in the uterus there is no fetal part.

For the diagnosis of egg pregnancy it is necessary to diagnose the image by ultrasound method, and do subclinical tests including: HPL dosing, Beta-HCG dosing, estrogen dosing.

HPL Dosing

Beta HCG is one of the tests conducted to diagnose egg pregnancy

2. HPL dosing test in egg pregnancy

2.1 Chemical nature

HPL (human placental lactogen), also known as fetal vegetable emulsion, is a peptide hormone that has the same effects as growth hormone (GH) and prolactin. Molecular weight 22,000 daltons.

2.2 Origins

HPL is produced by fetal vegetables very early, about 3 weeks after fertilization and is detected in the mother's serum at about 6 weeks. It disappears quickly after calving. The half-cancellation time is about 30 minutes.

2.3 Testing methods

HPL is tested by radioactive immunosymactivity.

2.4 Normal threshold

HPL is detected in the medot serum from 6 weeks, increases slowly in the first 3 months and 3 months between, with a very little threshold of movement, and rapid loss after calving.

HPL changes depend directly on the volume of vegetable cakes and the number of pregnancies.

  • Normally: the amount of HPL increases with the age of pregnancy, when the pregnancy is full month it is about 7.4 ± 2.6mg/ml.
  • Abnormally, the amount of HPL decreases when there is a threat of miscarriage, scaring premature birth, underdeve developed pregnancy. The amount of HPL in egg pregnancy is usually lower than during normal pregnancy.

2.5 Significance

HPL has the characteristics of growth hormone in the second half of pregnancy:

  • Causes lipid decomposition and increases the amount of free fatty acids in plasma, providing energy to the mother.
  • Has the effect of inhibiting absorption through glucosa levels and giving birth to glucosa for mothers.
  • Has the effect of increasing serum insulin levels, facilitating protein synthesis, creating an amino acid supply to the fetus.
  • HPL test to assess the function of fetal vegetables.
  • In the diagnosis of egg pregnancy, HPL dosing tests are usually high in normal pregnancy and low in egg pregnancy.

HPL Dosing

HPL dosing test is one of the tests used in the diagnosis of egg pregnancy

HPL dosing tests are one of the tests used in the diagnosis of egg pregnancy. During pregnancy, HPL levels are usually lower in normal pregnancy.

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