When is the Cytokin test?

Cytokine testing is used for a variety of purposes that make sense in research as well as clinically. Before the test, patients do not need to abstain from diet before conducting the test.

1. Learn about cytokine testing

Cytokines are multifunctional proteins, produced by cells of the immune system that act as mediators and immuno-conditioners, participate in the inflammatory response and produce blood cells of the rye body. Cytokines can act on various immune cells, which act to protect the body from infections, inflammations or tumors. Cytokines can stimulate monocytes to become macrophemias in tissues. Also currently cytokines are being used clinically as biologically responsive revisions to treat various disorders.

2. Cytokine characteristics

  • Cytokines are produced by a variety of cell types, including lymphocytes (T and B), monocytes, acid-loving leukocytes (eosinophils)
  • Cytokines have complex interactions in which different cells can react differently to the same cytokine depending on the signals received by the cell.


Cytokines are created by a variety of cell types
  • Cytokine signals are flexible and can cause both protective and damaging reactions.
  • A cytokine usually affects the synthesis of other cytokines. They can produce other cytokines, while also enhancing or inhibiting other cytokine production.
  • Quan quan quantities of cytokines help determine function and immune response or therapeutic response.
  • Cytokines are tested from blood products. Also cytokines can be studied in other types of diseases such as cerebral fluid, synapses, feces and urine.

3. When to test for cytokines

Cytokine dosing and cosing tests are mainly used in studies. Clinically, cytokine testing may have the following benefits:

  • Measure the progress of the disease with bilidic immuno-deterioration (AIDS).
  • In order to determine the risk of disease (such as the risk of developing Kaposi sarcoma in AIDS patients)
  • Measure the progress of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis and other autoimiosis
  • Choosing the right treatment for the disease (as beneficial in patients with rheumatoid arthritis helps during cytokine treatment)
  • Cytokines are also used as tumor markers in udder cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia.
  • Evaluates function and immune response.
  • Monitor patients who are treating cytokines or anti-cytokines.


Cytokine test helps detect tumors in breast cancer

4. Cytokine testing procedures

The usual cytokine test is a serum taken from the patient's vein blood then centrifugally removes some components of the blood, coatenulation factors to form the serum. In addition, cytokine testing is performed in the joint epidemic to assess patients with arthritis. Similarly, if encephalitis or meningitis is suspected, the doctor may poke the clumbar fluid to take as a sample.

Before taking the cytokine test, patients do not need to abstain from eating before conducting the test.

The procedure for performing cytokine testing is as follows: The medical staff will take a sample of intravenous blood into the tube with a red cap.

The health care professional who takes the blood will:

  • Wrap a bandage around your hand to clearly see the blood-taking vein
  • Disinfection of injection site with 70 degree alcohol
  • Inject the needle into a vein.
  • Attach a tube so that the blood flows out.
  • Remove the bandage around your hand after getting enough blood.
  • Insert dressing gauze or cotton wool on the place where the injection was given.
  • Put a personal bandage on the injection site.

Eventually the sample will be taken to another testing laboratory.

The doctor will take blood from the veins of the arm

Patients who take arm vein blood for testing

5. Read cytokine test results

  • Normal value: This value varies according to the reference value of each laboratory
  • Increased blood cytokine levels: Common main causes are:
  • Bilitive immuno-depletive syndrome
  • Immune deficiency
  • Malignant diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

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