When to take high doses of vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a growth micro-substance and necessary for the development of the child, which helps to strengthen the immune system and fight infections. However, if too much supplementation causes an excess of vitamin A also leads to many harms. Therefore, parents need to know when to take high doses of vitamin A.

1. High doses of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the growth microorganisms necessary for the development of the child, strengthening the immune system to fight infections. In addition, vitamin A helps children's eyes get stronger. Vitamin A promotes tissue growth and distinction in the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, digestion and urinary tract. In the body the tissue cells are constantly replaced by new cells, so vitamin A needs to be given regularly.

If there is a lack of vitamin A, the carthrocytic cells are and reduce the production of mucus leading to a decrease in the body's resistance to strange agents such as bacteria and dust,… enter the body. Therefore, vitamin A deficiency leads to corneal carcination horns that can cause ulcers and blindness. For young children who are often slow to develop, susceptible to infections such as respiratory inflammation, measles, diarrhea,… and eye diseases such as chicken overcrowding, corneal blurring,… can even cause permanent blindness.

Vitamin A is supplied from sources such as:

  • Breast milk: is an abundant source of vitamin A for babies. Therefore, mothers should breastfeed especially in the first 6 months of life of the baby
  • Food: meat, eggs, fish,…
  • Vegetables and fruits: greens, fruits with a dark yellow color, dark red and dark green

In addition, vitamin A is soluble in oil so in meals it is necessary to be full of protein, grease to help increase absorption and metabolism of vitamin A. Mothers should be aware of using a variety of foods, processing their appetites to help children easily eat and increase absorption.

However, in some cases if vitamin A is supplemented with insufficient food, it may be necessary to supplement high-dose vitamin A with medication depending on the degree of deficiency of each person.

symptoms of acute respiratory inflammation

Vitamin deficiency can lead to diseases of the respiratory tract

2. When to take high doses of vitamin A?

The need for vitamin A varies with age and body physical condition. For children aged 0-5 years the amount of vitamin A required is 375-450 mcg and in adults it is 500-600 mcg. The amount of vitamin A will be higher for those who drink alcohol or smoke, because alcohol depletes the amount of vitamin A in the body, while tobacco prevents the absorption of vitamin A into the body.

In case of needing high-dose vitamin A supplements to prevent vitamin A deficiency:

  • Pregnant mothers: it is necessary to take high doses of vitamin A of 200000 IU, which is supplemented immediately after birth to ensure that breast milk has enough vitamin A for the baby.
  • Children under 6 years old: supplemented with vitamin A at a single dose of 50000 IU
  • Children aged 6-36 months: every 6 months on June 1-2 and December 1-2, high doses of vitamin A must be given at vitamin A points such as at the health station.
  • Children under 5 years of age suffer from malnutrition, prolonged diarrhea, recurrent infections, measles,... are children at high risk of vitamin A deficiency who need high doses of vitamin A supplements.


Pregnant women need high-dose vitamin A supplements

Vitamin A is a micro-substance necessary for the development of the child. Mothers need regular vitamin A supplements for their babies through food, daily meals. It should be noted the time and age of the child to take the child to take high doses of vitamin A at the health station and the points of taking vitamin A.

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