Unsym cause infertility: What to know

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Unsym cause infertility is a diagnosis not any couple wants to receive, however this is a common problem today. It is estimated that one in four couples will have birth problems without finding a cause. Infertility can be from the wife or from the husband or from both or a combination of factors that prevent pregnancy.

1. Definition of unsym causeless infertility

Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant even though the spouse has regular sex and does not use any contraceptives for at least 6 months

Unsym cause infertility is cases of infertility that are clinically examined and tests performed in both spouses and still do not detect the cause of this condition.

2. symptom

The main problem of infertility is not being pregnant. The woman may have no other obvious symptoms or irregular or non-menstrual menstruation. Husbands with infertility may be normal or have some health signs such as changes in hair growth rate or sexual dysfunction.

The main symptom relies primarily on tests for spouses to find the cause of the disease. They will eventually become pregnant naturally or through assisted reproduction.

When to see a doctor?

You may not need to see a doctor unless you have tried to conceive for at least 6 months to a year.

The wife should speak to the doctor earlier if:

  • Be 35 years of age or older and have tried to conceive for six months or longer
  • Over 40 years old
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Abdominal pain during menstruation
  • Knew you had a birth health problem
  • Diagnosed with endometriosis or gynecologic inflammatory diseases
  • Have miscarried several times
  • Have been treated for cancer or other end end end endeormonal conditions.

The husband should talk to the doctor if:

  • History of problems with testicles, prostate or sexual health
  • In the family there are others who suffer from infertility
  • He has a hip pelvic injury, cancer
  • Semen tests with low sperm volume or other sperm problems

Infertility Treatment

Infertility can be from the wife or from the husband or from both or a combination of factors that prevent pregnancy.

3. Tests to diagnose unsym causeless infertility

Infertility of unknown causes is correctly diagnosed after the full fertility assessment of the spouse, by the following reviews:

  • Clinical examination of the wife and evaluation of normal menstruation
  • Blood test assesses wife's ability to store ovaries well
  • HSG scan also called ovarian imaging of the ovarian proboscis with photo-resistance, normal evaluation , no blockage of the proboscis
  • Endoscopy of the uterus evaluates no serious uterus problems
  • Analysis of husband semen for normal results (total sperm quantity, mobility and sperm shape)

If the above tests have not been fully evaluated, the diagnosis of infertility spouses of unknown causes is not accurate.

4. Causes of unsym cause of infertility

Unsuscovered infertility is not mystical, cases of infertility have causes but due to the current qualifications or techniques have not fully detected the causes of infertility.

The doctor can predict the cause of infertility but cannot be evaluated or measured because the technique can be invasive to affect the patient or the diagnostic technique is too expensive for the patient.

Early ovarian failure: Causes of rare infertility

Early ovarian failure is one of the causes of rare infertility

Here are some possible explanations for unexplained infertility:

  • Underlying but undiagnosed pathology: Because scientists are not yet able to fully understand and measure the health concerns that affect fertility . For example, uns treated Celiac disease can be the cause of unsym cause infertility. A 2016 study found that the incidence of Celiac disease in women diagnosed with unexplained infertility was 6 times higher than the overall rate in the population. However, the study authors note that previous studies on a small scale are difficult to know exactly how accurate.
  • Other diseases that can cause infertility such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, undiagnosed sedary glands and some auto-immune diseases.
  • Mild endometriosis:endometriosis can interfere with ovulation or cause obstruction of the fallopian tubes with symptoms such as prolonged and increasingly severe abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea … But to a mild extent, less pain may not affect ovulation or do not cause blockage of the proboscis, which should lead to less obvious symptoms. Endometriosis may be the underlying cause behind some cases of unsym causeless infertility. However, experts have not yet agreed on whether mild endometriosis can cause infertility, and if so, whether laparoscopic surgery for diagnosis and treatment will improve fertility for patients.
  • The interaction between the vaginal environment and sperm: After ioning, the sperm escapes from the semen and into the cervical mucus. Then they must swim up from the vagina, into the cervical opening and finally into the uterus to meet the eggs at the proboscis. Sometimes, during this transition period is affected by antibodies at cervical mucus or in semen that have attacked sperm that interferes with sperm swimming up to meet the egg . Currently, there are no measures to clearly diagnose this problem, leading to unexplained cases of infertility.
  • Poor egg quality: Currently there is only a test for whether the egg is ovulatory and ovarian reserve, but there is no test to determine if the egg is of good quality. Poor-quality eggs can be caused by age, underlying medical conditions or some unknown cause. Poor egg quality can only be diagnosed during IVF treatment. After taking the eggs, the eggs will be examined under a microscope.
  • Poor sperm quality: when the semen volume is poor, some types of poor sperm quality are recognizable to affect conception , for example, abnormal sperm shape, poor sperm mobility (or mobility) .

However , there are problems related to the quality of uns detectable sperm such as sperm with poor quality DNA. DNA problems increase as the husband ages, which is why the children of older fathers are at risk for certain birth disorders and mental health problems.

Poor sperm quality can be diagnosed during IVF treatment. If sperm of normal shape cannot be fertilized with eggs then it is possible that this may have problems with the quality of eggs or sperm.

  • Problems with the endoometrial: there are some cases of the cervical – normal eggs and healthy sperm but embryos that cannot nest in the endo will this is also the cause of infertility. Currently, science has not yet explained all the problems of reproduction related to the endo <3> uterus.

For example, a study published in 2016 found a virus that has more in the endometrial tissue of women with infertility than women with normal fertility. But how to diagnose and treat this virus is currently unknown.

  • Fertilized eggs have problems in embryonic development: After conception, next, the cells inside the embryo divide and grow to eventually form the fetus. Sometimes, there are causes that prevent this process from going in the right direction, this problem can be detected during IVF treatment because the embryo is monitored for cell division. However, it is possible that the cause of infertility of your unknown cause is completely alien to medical professionals at the present time.
  • Some couples suffer from unexplained infertility , naturally conceiving without any therapeutic help within one to two years after the diagnosis and monitoring of infertility treatment , which is how this goes, experts have not yet been able to solve.

Can second-born infertility be cured?

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5. Treatment of unsym causeless infertility

Treatment of unsym cause infertility can be treated based on the doctor's experience. This means that the treatment plan is based on clinical experience and some conjectures such as:

  • Recommended lifestyle changes (weight loss, quit smoking, avoid stress )
  • Continue to try to conceive yourself (if you are young) for the next six months to a year
  • Use of the drug Clomid or gonadotropin together with IUI in three to six menstruations
  • IVF treatment in 3 to 6 menstruations
  • Or perform IVF treatment with a third person (such as using donated eggs or a surrogate mother)

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