Infertility due to the lack of a uterus

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Abnormalities in the uterus can be the cause of infertility for the woman. One of the most severely affected abnormalities for women is the condition without a uterus, which can be caused by a congenital malformation without a uterus or a surgical removal of the uterus.

1. What is a uterus?

The uterus is an organs of the female reproduction system, the uterus is located in the middle of the pelvis, behind the bladder and in front of the rectum. The actual location of the uterus in the pelvis varies from person to person. The uterus is formed in the lower abdomen and is structurally complete as soon as the pregnancy is still in the womb. The uterus grows and changes in size as well as shape and size according to the development of the woman.

2. Infertility due to the lack of a uterus

2.1 Congenital malformations without uterus

The absent primary uterus is a congenital malformation in which the uterus officially atrophys, leaving only fetal remains and a thin membrane in the place of the uterus.

The majority of people with this malformation are usually accompanied by no vagina, but there may still be normal ovulation and ovaries, therefore gender characteristics still develop normally (external genitals remain normal).

Patients develop physically normally but come to the doctor because of late puberty or no menstruation, through examination and tests: Ultrasound, MRI scans detected no vaginal or vaginal short, with or without an accompanying uterus. Meanwhile the ovaries on both sides are normal in size and function.

No uterus

Congenital malformations without a uterus are one of the causes of female infertility.

2.2 No uterus suffered after a ziervical resurgen out

  • Gynecologic cancer: Some gynecological cancers such as cancer of the uterus or cervical – cervical remand surgery may be the best treatment option. In addition, ovarian cancer is forced to remove both the uterus and the ovaries on both sides.
  • Uterine fibroids: Uterine angidectectence in cases of large uterine fibroids (>5cm), prolonged bleeding, severe anemia, pelvic pain or bladder pressure. The index is quite tight especially in women who still need childbirth.
  • Adenomyosis: Causes sticky inflammation, isentine fibrosis of the uterus, can be accompanied by dysenteritis, pelvic pain has a serious effect on the patient's life. When medical treatment or conservative surgery does not improve it is forced to have the uterus removed.
  • Uterinesassy : Falling of the uterus into the vagina can occur when the ligaments support and the tissues weaken. Falling out of the uterus can lead to urinary iner autonomy, pelvic pressure or difficulty with bowel movements. A removal of the uterus may be necessary to achieve satisfactory repair of these conditions.

Prolonged vaginal bleeding: If menstruation is very heavy, insular or prolonged each cycle, a surgical removal of the uterus can bring relief when bleeding cannot be controlled by other methods.

3. Treatment direction

Congenital malformations without a uterus cause infertility, which severely affects the woman's life. Currently, there is nowhere in the world where the uterus is transplanted, so for women who do not have a congenital uterus or suffer if they have a need for reproduction, there can still be hope if ovarian function is normal. They can do in vismable in vism and ask someone else for a surrogate pregnancy.

No uterus

In vioxious inse fertilization gives a glimmer of hope to unfortunate women suffering from uterus malformations

Although there are many limitations, this method is giving a glimmer of hope to women who unfortunately suffer from uterus malformations. Currently, surrogate pregnancy is applied in rare cases because the woman has a certain pathology, malformations that make it impossible to carry the baby in the abdomen such as cardiovascular, blood pressure, coaking disorders, severe endo noiormonal disorders, no uterus because of congenital diseases or the uterus is completely incapable of pregnancy , a cut of the uterus due to cancer or abnormal deformities …

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