Does inflammation of the testicle sac cause infertility?

Inflammation of the testicle sac is a common genital pathology in men due to urinary infections, urethritis, prolytitis, cystitis … The disease seriously affects the reproduction health of strong men if not treated promptly and properly. So does inflammation of the testicle sac cause infertility?

1. Causes of inflammation of the sac

The sperm sac plays an important role in the male's reproduction system, with the task of producing semen, which helps the sperm to move easily inside the female's uterus.

Inflamed sperm sacs, also known as testion sac inflammation, affect the quality of sperm and sperm's ability to move into the uterus, making it harder to conceive.

There are many causes of inflammation of the testicle sac, but men need to understand the basic causes of the disease as follows:

  • Urinary tract infections, urethritis, prolycitis, uns treated long-term cystitis will cause complications that lead to inflammation of the testesac.
  • Unsafe sex, excessive sex, too strong causing the sac capillaries to rupture, muscle fibers to contract, leading to inflammation of the testicle sac tuberculosis.
  • Congenital males already have inflammation of the testicle sac, a disease common in cases where the ureter is lost, in the wrong place, usually where the hole pours the ureter into the bladder but pours into the testicle sac causing the testicle sac to inflame.
  • The resistance of the male body is weak, due to otitis media, pharyngitis, bronchitis that is not definitively treated also causes inflammation of the testesac.
  • Men have a history of surgery such as urinary sonde, prostate endoscopy, leaving in the sperm sac a fistula. These tricks easily cause the male's chimpanzee sac to become inflamed, infected.

Men who have had urinary sonde surgery may have inflammation of the testicle sac

Men who have had urinary sonde surgery may have inflammation of the testicle sac

2. Symptoms of inflammation of the sac

Men with sac inflammation will have specific manifestations such as:

  • Pain in the perman per urination, the pain spreads down the anus and scrotum area.
  • Pain during sex, a lot of pain when ionling, spreading along the erm, spreads to the pelvic region.
  • When ioning does not form a line but leaks slowly, pleasures when transient relations, pass quickly.
  • There are signs of erectile dysfunction.
  • Ionulation of blood or pus.
  • Pain in the crest of the testicles although not inflammation of the testicle crest.
  • Peraltic pain even if there is no prolycitis.
  • Acute inflammation of the testicle sac, increased volume of semen output; on the contrary, chronic inflammation of the testicle sac, the amount of semen decreases completely.

In addition, when men go to the doctor, they will be ultrasound probed through the rectum, or combined with an ultrasound of the abdomen when the bladder is full of urine. Manifestations will see the crystal vesicy expand, the wall thickened. When testing semen with the appearance of many leukocytosis in semen, it is detected that germs cause inflammation when transplanting semen.

3. Does inflammation of the testicle sac cause infertility?

The testicles of men are sperm factories, which play a role in breeding and maintaining the breed. When producing sperm, a small amount will be stored in the crest,the majority of which is stored in the erm. Thus, when men have inflammation of the testicle sac, it will inevitably lead to a deterioration of sexual function, reproduction, the most severe of which is the loss of the ability to have sex, male infertility.

Without timely treatment in the right direction, men will not be able to produce sperm, because the increased amount of leukocysis causes the sperm number to decrease, the testicles thus atrophy, loss of fertility. At this time, infertility is inevitable for men with purulent sac inflammation.

Symptoms of male hormone deficiency

Inflammation of the testicle sac causes infertility in men

4. Is sac inflammation curable?

Inflammation of the testicle sac in men is completely treatable depending on the condition and health of the person. Men can receive medical treatment, taking antibiotics under the design of a direct treating doctor. Accordingly, some antibiotics may be prescribed in combination with treatment such as injectable antibiotics such as Augmentin, Gentamycin combination, or Cefotaxim combination Tobramycin.

Combine corticoid anti-inflammatory drugs if the person does not have contraincularity with the drug, or hip analgesic usually such as Paracetamol, Acetaminophen and spasmaverine smooth muscle analgesic, Spasfon.

Patients with tuberculosis-ins caused testicle sac inflammation require specific treatment with tuberculosis medications under the guidance of a treating doctor.

Testry sac inflammation can also be treated with a non-scientific treatment when inflammation of the testes with complications of an anesthrobial in the testes, or antibiotic therapy does not bring positive results despite antibiotics, with the method of placing sperm sac conduction in the time of an overslative, removal of the testicle sac.

Purulent inflammation should be treated in a timely manner and choose the appropriate, effective treatment for each inflammation of the patient. This helps to limit the consequences of inflammation of the testesac which is most seriously infertile in men.

Men with signs of the a above-said inflammation of the testicle sac should go to the male department for diagnosis, detect the disease immediately, soon treat stable reproduction health.

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