In what area is pelvic inflammation?

Pelvic inflammation manifests it mainly lower abdominal pain, menstrual disorders, cervical tension pain and appencies. The cause of the disease is sexually transmitted bacteria.

1. Where is the sub-frame zone located?

The pelvic region is the endometrial region, thesides of the proboscis and the ovaries. Pelvis pain is a painful condition in the area under the navel. This type of pain can be harmless but can also be a sign of various conditions, includingappendicitis , irritable bowel syndrome,dysenterous pain,endometriosis , sexually transmitted diseases, cones and pelvic inflammation,chronic pain in the unexplained pelvic region.

Women's pain

The pelvic region is the endometrial region, the sides of the proboscis and the ovaries

2. What is pelvic inflammation?

Pelvic inflammation is an inflammatory pathology in women. Most cases of pelvic inflammation are caused by sexually transmitted pathogenic bacteria , including gonorrhea, chlamydia,mycoplasma, sphococcal and sjuncterosis. Although pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly sexually transmitted, bacteria can still enter a woman's body after gynecological manipulations such as placing instruments in the uterus, after childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and endometrial bioeptic.

The subjects of the disease are usually young, un born women who have had sexual activity with many people, can have sexually transmitted diseases simultaneously. Other risk factors include the use of vaginal dosing, smoking habits. Tuberculosis appencitis is more common in developing countries. If the cause is TB bacteria, the patient will have a characteristic manifestation of pelvic pain, there are uneven blocks in the pelvic area and do not respond when treated with antibiotics. Taking contraceptive pills can protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including pelvic inflammation.

3. Symptoms and signs of pelvic inflammation

3.1. Clinical symptoms

Common clinical symptoms in patients with pelvic inflammation are lower abdominal pain, cold tremors and fever, menstrual disorders, purulent gas discharge in the cervicalcavity, cervical tension pain, and appencies. However, the actual symptoms on women with the disease are usually quite faint or very mild, not noticing the disease, which makes the diagnosis of pelvic inflammation complicated.

If the patient has lower abdominal pain,if there is sensitivity in the appenents or uterus when mobile, it will be considered that there is pelvic inflammation. Treatment is primarily antibiotic use, unless other diagnoses are suspected, such as an extra-intra-uterus pregnancy or appendicitis.

3.2. Sub-clinical signs

On the test, the number of leukocyukocyes, the rate of blood s depositation may increase. Gram staining or culture of secretion samples in the cervical tube or substance obtained through a suction poke is capable of supporting diagnosis. The appearance of plasma cells in a biosy of the lining of the uterus shows inflammation of the upper genital arthritis. However, for a firm diagnosis, it is often necessary to determine through laparoscopy.

Typhal fever in adults

Common clinical symptoms in patients with pelvic inflammation are lower abdominal pain, malaria and fever, menstrual disorders

4. How to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease?

The best way to protect yourself from the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease is to avoid infections related to sexual activity. Some preventive measures include: using a condom, using water-based lubricants during sex, not having sex with more than one sexual contact.

In order to recognize the gynecologic health status, you should regularly check and quickly treat infectious diseases such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. This also works in the prevention of pelvic inflammation.

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