Urethritis: How to treat?

Nons specific urethritis is a pathology of infection of the urine ductosis in men and is not caused by gonorrhea bacteria. This is one of the health conditions that men experience a lot today.

1. Nons specific urethritis

The urethra is a rather important genital, which acts as a urine steering tube that goes from the bladder to the outside of the body. During sexual contact, semen is also released by men through the urethra. Urethritis is mainly caused by infection, which is seen in both men and women except for nons specific urethritis. Nons specific urethritis is a urinary infection that is only seen in men, not caused by gonorrhea bacteria.

Nons specific urethritis is not caused by infections caused by sex and is referred to as NSU for short. Men with nons specific urethritis often present with such manifestations as painful urination, burning urine, white or turbid discharge, which usually appears in the morning, the duration of which symptoms last about 2 to 4 weeks, there may be blood in the urine or in the semen.

Urination, urination, hematuria are signs of urinary tract inflammation in men

Patients appearing urination

Other cases of urethritis in women often have the following symptoms: urination several times a day, abdominal pain, fever, malaria tremors, the appearance of bad gas …

Some common causes of nons specific urethritis in men are:

  • Improper genital hygiene such as inactivity, wearing too tight underwear, using chemical substances to irritate to clean the enclosure …
  • Many masturbation habits
  • Unsafe sex
  • After some procedures such as urethral nod, bladder screening, stone canopy … complications of urethritis.
  • Long or narrowing of the foresth regulation in men.

Masturbation, male, weak in the sex

A lot of masturbation habits can cause nons specific urethritis

2. Is urethritis dangerous?

Urethritis, if diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, is not too dangerous and does not leave any complications affecting the health of the person. Some methods that help diagnose urethritis, from which timely treatments are:

  • Exploit and find clinical manifestations such as abnormal discharge in the urethra, sticky mucus on the lining, narrow urethra, urethra rash, urethra ulcer … Examination of some other parts in men such as testicles, rectum, prostate …
  • Bacterial cultures are taken from urethra samples using modern techniques such as bacterial DNA amplification.

Testing for gonorrhea bacteria, Chlamydia bacteria

3. Does urethritis cure itself?

Urethritis is an infectious disease, so the cure for urethritis is to find out the bacteria or causes of the disease. For each different cause, each type of bacteria will have different treatments that doctors and patients need to follow the appropriate regimen to be able to treat definitively and limit urethritis forever. When there are abnormal symptoms such as urination, urination, burning, hematoma, fever, debilitating body … patients should immediately go to a reputable medical facility for examination and treatment, avoiding cases because of subjective psychology but for the disease to progress, spread and recur many times.

Infertility in men

Patients should see a doctor for a visit

4. What medications does urethritis take?

The cure for urethritis with the drug is now called medical treatment. Some drugs are indicative to treat urethritis such as antibiotics, antivirals such as Tetracyclin, Doxycyclin, Erythromycin, Ofloxacin …

Besides, the method of surgery is also selected to cure urethritis in men. This method is applied in patients with severe urethral inflammation, typically purulent urethritis and some urethra locations that have been necrosis from, need to be intervened in purulent suction and dredging of necrosis by technique with short wavelengths or using infrared rays. In some cases of urethritis caused by stenosis of the fores or long fores cir keing, cirorosis is required to prevent inflammation from spreading.


Cure urethritis with antibiotics

Some methods that help us to prevent urethritis in the first place include:

  • Safe sex, not having sex with multiple people, using preventive measures when having sex such as using a condom.
  • Clean the body regularly, especially genitals, properly clean the genitals of the body.
  • Check your health periodically to detect the disease.
  • When there are any abnormal signs, immediately go to the medical facility for examination, diagnosis and treatment.
  • If you have been diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, you should inform those at risk of infection to protect people's health.

General urethritis and nons specific urethritis are common urinary tract infections, although not life-threatening but need to be detected and treated in a timely manner to prevent undesirable complications such as cystitis, ureteritis, kidney disease …

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