Why shouldn't armpit hair be plucked?

Plucking can be a quick and easy way to remove hair that appears on the surface of the body undesirable but this is not the safest or most effective way. And plucking armpits is no exception. Since the axillary plucking process can be painful, time-consuming, and if done improperly, can cause irritation, hair growing backwards or leaving scars on the skin.

1. Why shouldn't armpit hair be plucked?

Plucking armpits also brings certain advantages such as helping to pluck hair at the root. This ensures results are achieved longer than shaving. At the same time, proper axillary plucking can also be a much lower cost alternative than waxing. All it takes is a small tweezer and you can be ready. Without making an appointment in advance, each person can do it for himself, the result of which is semi-permanent.

However, why not pluck armpit hair for the first reason this is a method that takes a long time while it should only be applied to small skin areas, such as eyebrows. Plucking hair with tweezers will also cause small scratches on the skin, causing the skin to look rough and causing the pores to enlarge. Moreover, this lesion can lead to scabs and can leave scars or bruises on the skin under the arms, causing aesthetic loss. Besides, plucking is also very painful because it is necessary to pull the hair out of the hair leg. This increases the pain sensation on sensitive skin and also causes additional irritation to the skin.

armpit hair should not be plucked

Improper plucking of armpit hair easily causes pores to enlarge

2. Things to know when plucking armpit hair

According to dermatologists, if improperly plucking armpit hair, the user can damage the hair follicles. So, if intending to pluck those armpit hairs, it is best to pluck the armpit hair after bathing with a shower with warm water. This condition will help the hair follicles to be more ventilated and will be less painful. In addition, for women, it is also important to choose when to pluck hair. Due to changes in hormones, pain-causing sicings tend to feel more pain near a person's menstrual cycle, so armpit hair should be avoided during this period.

Axillary plucking is often advised to pull in the direction of hair growth, since if "pulled backwards" will encourage hair to grow backwards as well as the side effect of forming chicken skin.

The next thing users need to keep in mind is not to pluck the armpits too soon. Daily or daily shaving prevents irritation but this is not the case with plucking. When performing longer hair plucking is also easier to grasp and prevent hair follicle damage more effectively when new hair grows. So, usually, doctors accept plucking every four weeks – although the rate of hair growth in each person is different.

On the other hand, the selection of tweezers that perform plucking also contributes significantly. Never try to work with an ineffective tweezers because it will cause even more skin damage. Besides, using a dull tweezers can make it difficult to pluck hair as well as increase the risk of irritation and skin infections.

The fact of shaving requires gentle exfoliating before but this stage is not necessary before spitting. Instead, users should exfoliating later to reduce the appearance of hair growing backwards. In addition, when plucking armpit hair, users also do not need to use any oils or shaving creams to prepare for the skin.

Finally, not everyone should pluck armpit hair. While axillary plucking is still gentler on the skin than waxing, plucking armpit hair if the person has a very dense hairy body can be very difficult and increases the risk of hair growing backwards. Therefore, these subjects may be preferable to permanent hair removal methods such as laser hair removal.

proper plucking of armpits

It is recommended to choose the right time to pluck armpit hair

3. Ways to replace axillary plucking

Fortunately, there are other ways to remove hair under the arms, including waxing, shaving and using hair removal creams. Despite this, waxing can still be accompanied by a number of side effects. For example, if the wax has never been used as a hair removal method or has sensitive skin, users may experience itching, redness or small pimples after the first application.

Although removing the under-arm hair area may seem like a difficult task to do yourself, if caution follows the instructions and preparation of the previous skin area, the user can still get satisfactory results. However, if you are really worried, users can always seek the advice of a beauty salon specialist for guidance on providing hair removal services. Finally, the choice of the best hair removal method remains depending on the type of skin, the cost as well as the preferences of the individual.

In summary, one of the most sensitive areas of the body is the armpits. Axillary plucking is something that should not be done to avoid causing wounds and prolonged inflammation. Moreover, proper use for axillary plucking will also be more time-consuming than shaving. Therefore, if possible, the alternative axillary hair removal method is more attractive than laser hair removal, a more attractive alternative, or a quick and cheap, common way to remove hair on the skin under the arms.

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