Why do you have nerve pain number 5?

V-nerve pain is a specific type of pain, which usually appears suddenly in a short time. This is a rare disease so not many people understand what causes V-nerve pain?

1. Overview of V-numbered nerve pain

V-numbered nerves are also known by other names such as triangular nerves, triad nerves are known to be one of the important nerves in the facial area. Accordingly, the V-nerve is divided into 3 branches: the upper jaw, the lower jaw and the eye branch. These nerve branches take on the role of sensory conductive of the facial area, around the mouth, teeth to the brain. In addition, the creation of tears or saliva and control of the chewing muscle is also the task of nerve No. 5.

Nerve pain No. 5 is a specific form of pain, which usually appears suddenly but very severely in the lateral half of the face, however lasts only for a short time (no more than 1 minute). The pain can be singly or come from a trigger spot – a point when irritated.

nerve number V

V-number nerve position

Most cases of nerve pain No. 5 are pain on one side, only a few are pain on both sides, accounting for 3-6% . In case of nerve pain V on both sides does not appear from the beginning but after a long time of pain on one side, the pain on the other side appears. According to the study, more than 70% of cases of nerve pain No. 5 fall on the elderly (usually people over 70 years old).

2. Causes of nerve pain No. 5

Currently, scientists have not found the official cause of V-nerve pain. However, based on the specific symptoms of the disease, the researchers determined the cause as follows:

  • Pinched blood vessels: This is the main cause of V-nerve pain, which accounts for up to 60% of cases due to the compression of blood vessels to the V-nerve at the base of the nerve, most commonly the superior cerebellar artery. However, the cause of blood vessels pinching the triangular nerve in old age is still not explained.
  • Pinched by tumors: One or more branches of nerve No. 5 may be pinched and affected by tumors located in the vicinity of the scythe – sub-brain or at the angular region – the subencephase such as epidermoid cyst, carcinoma, meningioma , aneurysm ,…
  • Viral: There are now studies that show that ticdouloureux-specific ticdouloureux is caused by a smoldering viral infection in the peripheral cranial nerve branches or at the Gasser ganglion.

In addition to the above causes, the cause of nerve pain V can also be caused by injury, such as small interventions in the face area (such as tooth extraction) or severe injuries such as fractures of the base of the skull can also lead to neuropathic pain V.


The virus can be the cause of nerve pain No. 5

3. How does nerve pain no. 5 manifest it?

The pain caused by nerve pain no. 5 usually arises suddenly and feels painful like being electrocuted or stabbed by a sharp object. The pain usually does not last long, but only takes a few seconds, but the break between the bouts is quite short, making the pain seem to last long.

Recurrence of pain can take place at any time of the day without any rules. The condition can be determined based on how often the pain the person encounters.

The pain is singly or may arise when experiencing sysys such as washing the face, speaking, chewing, touching the face,… According to the International Headache Society (IHS), the standard for diagnosing nerve pain No. 5 is that facial and forehead pains develop lasting from a few seconds to no more than 2 minutes.

In addition to the above symptoms, usually the patient does not present any other seriously, however some nerve projection points No. 5 may feel pain when pressed on such as: pain point under the eye socket, pain point in the hole in the eye socket or chin pain point. This supports the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of doctors more favorably.

Nerve Pain No. 5

The patient appears pains

4. Diagnosis and treatment of nerve pain No. 5

In addition to clinical manifestations, in order to accurately diagnose nerve pain No. 5, the doctor will need to rely on the history, history and results of subclinical tests. When clinical manifestations are not characteristic, the person may be prescribed a resymable or computer-class scan to exclude other conditions. Accordingly, nerve pain No. 5 can be treated medically or externally:

  • Medical treatment: Doctors may prescribe certain neuropathic and psychiatric medications. However, about 75% of cases will be greasy after a while and have to seek medical treatment.
  • Surgical treatment: When drug treatment no longer works or side effects appear, surgical procedures or interventions will be prescribed such as balloon gasser compression or microvascular compression surgery,…


Resym resonance imaging helps doctors accurately diagnose pathology

In addition to the feeling of headache in the head and forehead, nerve pain No. 5 often does not have any specific manifestations, when detecting the disease there may be very dangerous complications, so the treatment will not bring high results. Therefore, annual medical examination and treatment is extremely necessary. Currently, Share99 International Health Hub implements general health check-up packages that benefit users, helping patients to detect and treat the disease at the earliest stage. To sign up for a health check-up package can be contacted here.


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