Why are you unlikely to get pregnant a second time?

Although many couples have given birth to their first child, there are cases where it is difficult to get pregnant a second time. These cases are called second-line infertility. Many people question what causes this condition? What to do to easily conceive in the second time?

1. Causes of difficulty in second pregnancy

The first cause that can lead to difficulty in pregnancy for the second time is the diseases that appear in the mother's body after the first pregnancy. Diseases can be mentioned as: genital infections, polycystic ovaries, inflammation of the two ovary ducts, cervical inflammation and these conditions have not been thoroughly treated. Therefore, the prolongity of this inflammation will have a significant effect on the genitals as well as the genitals … The fact that these agencies are underactive will hinder the process of pregnancy in the second.

Besides, because the second birth is too far from the first birth, the hormones are impaired or the women want to get pregnant when the age is already high. In particular, the higher the age, the more susceptible to disorders in the ovaries. The likelihood of childbirth of women decreases with age. Women over the age of 40 often have difficulty with pregnancy due to the decrease in the amount of hormones in the body. The decrease in the amount of this hormone can cause the ovule to not grow, the eggs are not ripe enough or the eggs ripen without shedding causing the phenomenon of second-party infertility.

Difficulty being pregnant a second time

A second birth too far from the first is the cause of the difficulty of having a second pregnancy

Another cause of difficulty with a second pregnancy comes from the husband, due to sperm abnormalities such as disorders during spermatoly, genital tract and genital infections. Husbands who work in environments high in chemicals, radiation, radiation are the underlying causes of physical deterioration: sperm weakness or the inaction of sperm, which causes many risks of genital activity disorders in men.

The next cause of difficulty in pregnancy for the second time is the daily diet of the couple. Undernourished diets, too busy work and stress cause hormones to change, which is also the reason why many couples are difficult to get pregnant a second time. In the wife, the change in hormones makes it difficult for the ovaries to ovulate, irregular menstruation. In the husband, weak sperm leads to difficulty conceiving or difficulty being pregnant a second time.

2. Methods to help easily conceive a second time

2.1. Psychological preparation

If you have difficulty conceiving a secondtime , you often have a nervous mentality about this issue. However, this is a period when you need to be comfortable mentally, the higher the likelihood of second conception. In addition, you need to maintain good health in both spouses, diet as well as sexual activity also need mode mode order and properness to be able to conceive the highest and limit exposure to the use of toxic substances to limit secondary infertility.

2.2. Health Check-up

According to doctors, women should not become pregnant for at least eighteen months after birth. The ideal distance to give birth to a second child is 2.5 years from the first. Before intending to become pregnant, you should go for a health check-up to see if the body has fully recovered from the first birth.

If you are 35 years of age or older and want to get pregnant for 6 months but have not yet been, it is best to visit the obstetrics and gynecology department. The doctor will conduct tests to trace the cause of the second infertility.

2.3. Menstrual cycle monitoring

You need to monitor your menstrual cycle and monthly ovulation period. Eggs are only capable of fertilization within 12 hours per month, and the ovulation test stick will tell you the most accurate time of ovulation and the best time to have sex.

Difficulty being pregnant a second time

You need to monitor your menstrual cycle and monthly ovulation period

2.3. Treatment of second-born infertility

You should go to both spouses and treat second-degree infertility as directed by your specialist for the best results. Specialist doctors will help spouses find the most accurate cause of the disease. After knowing the true cause of second-degree infertility,the doctor will have a reasonable treatment direction, be it medical treatment or surgical intervention.

If the woman has poor hormones, you may be prescribed additional hormones by a specialist doctor. In addition, you can also take additional supplements with hormones from natural herbs. Stable hormones will help increase your fertility.

In addition, the doctor may prescribe a number of assisted birth methods such as pumping sperm into the uterus or in viin in vism fertilization. In particular, the method of pumping sperm into the uterus is preferred with many advantages such as saving time and efficiency is also quite high. This is one of the infertility treatments at The Center for Assisted Reproduction – Share99 International Health Hub – The leading center for birth health in Vietnam is developed and applied a comprehensive treatment process, combining both male and obstetrics and gynecology to provide optimal methods for each case of the patient.

Advantages when customers choose infertility treatment – late at Share99 Assisted Reproduction Center include:

  • The center is home to a team of leading experts in the field of rare and international, trained in the world's leading assisted reproduction centers. A team of highly specialized and experienced doctors.
  • Perform most of the world's advanced assisted reproduction techniques such as ICSI (injection of sperm into oocysts); support for membrane drainage workpieces; spawning reserves: embryo freezing, freezing, freezing ovules help customers proactively time childbirth at will, transfer embryos on the 5th day, minimize pregnancy; male infertility techniques (PESA, MESA, TEFNA, TESE)
  • Modern equipment system, ensuring absolute ericatic, single implant system optimizes the quality of workpieces, increases the success rate.
  • The birth support center is also technically supported from many rooms in Share99 International Health Hub system such as Pediatric Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department,…. constantly updating and developing new techniques in the treatment of rare diseases.

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