Why do pregnant women need a blood type test?

Perform blood type tests, Rh factors, blood vessels … help screening and detection of genetic diseases related to blood in the mother and fetus. Blood tests during pregnancy are a must for pregnant women.

1. Why do you need a blood type test during pregnancy?

Blood type test is the first test pregnant women need to perform to be checked, determine their blood type, in case of need of blood transfusion during pregnancy and childbirth. An equally important factor in blood testing is the identification of rh+, Rh- factor that detects and screenes for blood group disagreements between the mother and the fetus. From there, there is a timely solution, ensuring maximum safety and comprehensive development for the fetus during pregnancy.

When testing for blood type, the pregnant mother will determine whether she belongs to the RH- or Rh+ group. When you have an RH blood type, which you genetics from your father have an RH+ group, there's a good possibility that blood type disagreements will occur especially for second-time pregnant mothers. This disagreement causes anemia, hematoma in the fetus, endangers the health and life of the mother as well as the fetus.

The dangers of blood group disagreements between the mother and the fetus may not occur at the first birth because the mother's blood has not yet given birth to antibodies against the first fetal red blood cells. But the danger will inevitably increase at later births, antibodies produced by the mother's body blood will destroy the baby's red blood cells with rh+ factor causing heinthemia, anemia.

Blood groups

Pregnancy blood type test helps detect early blood type disagreement between mother and fetus

2. What do you need to do when you know you have Rh-?

Proactive prevention of the risk to the fetus when the mother has Rh- is a must. Pregnant mothers should be vaccinated with rh immunity at the 25-28 weeks of pregnancy. This type of immunity will protect rh+ cells that exist in the mother's blood vessels, preventing them from being recognized as foreign objects. Without the rh factor against, antibodies will not be formed.

Antibodies are injected into the mother's body along with the following conditions:

  • Pregnant mother at 25-28 weeks gestation and should take precautions against Rh sensitivity during pregnancy
  • Pregnant mother gave birth to baby and needed injection within 72 hours
  • Pregnant mother has had miscarriages, abortions
  • Pregnant mother performed amniotic puncture and took a placenta bioped

The sensitivity to Rh when vaccinating is umoid, pregnant mothers should be examined regularly, monitored continuously as prescribed by the doctor about the condition of the mother and the fetus to be properly and promptly addressed:

  • If the fetus is anemonemia, the mother needs to go to the doctor and monitor the normal condition, the follow-up treatment will be constant until the mother is pregnant
  • As fetal anemia becomes more severe, the proposed solution under the doctor's advice is that the pregnant woman should give birth prematurely, and give blood to the baby after birth
  • If the anemia is too severe, the baby can receive a blood transfusion right in the womb to be healthy until birth or, needing early surgery, let the baby go out and transfusion immediately after birth.

How to categorise blood type

Blood type testing plays an important role and throughout the pregnancy of the pregnant mother

Ways to resolve blood type disagreements in mothers and babies depend specifically on the condition of each pregnant mother.

Thus, blood group testing plays an important role and throughout the pregnancy process of the pregnant mother. Detecting blood type disagreements, pregnant mothers will be guided and consulted to prescribe appropriate solutions, bringing the best effect to the health of mothers and babies.

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