How long do TB bacteria persist in the air?

TB bacteria are capable of spreading from person to person through the respiratory tract and contact, so understanding the life characteristics and existence of TB germs such as TB germs how long in the air, dying at what temperature will help people prevent the infection of tuberculosis in the best way.

1. The basic characteristics of TB bacteria

TB bacteria are bacterium about 0.4 x 3-5 mm in size, shellless, hairless and without dentistry. Tuberculosis bacterium stands in small groups of N, V, Y or standing individually, TB bacteria are not stained by the usual method but catch red on the Ziehl-Neelsen dyeing copy.

Tb-causing bacteria are gas-loving bacteria that cannot be kept in a normal environment but need a nutritious environment, growing slowly with a division time of about 18 hours / 1 division.

Bacteria that cause pulmonary tuberculosis, pericardial tuberculosis, tuberculosis … high resistance in dry conditions and other physical factors, called alcohol-resistant, acid-resistant bacteria, chemicals used to kill TB bacteria need to have high concentrations and long exposure times to work.

Tuberculosis bacteria

Bacteria that cause tuberculosis belong to the gas-loving type of bacteria

2. How long do TB bacteria persist in the air?

How long TB bacteria live in the air will depend on the main factors: temperature, humidity and darkness. Features of existence of TB bacteria are as follows:

  • TB bacteria can last a long time in the air environment for about 3-4 months
  • In humid and dark environments, TB bacteria even last for up to 3 months and remain vis vis million
  • TB bacteria are aerobic bacterium, so in clinical cases, TB bacteria are most common in the largest number of tuberculosis burrows with catheterized bronchi, which is rich in oxygen.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis

TB bacteria can last a long time in the air environment for about 3-4 months

3. At what temperature does TB bacteria die?

At what temperature does TB bacteria die? is a question that many people are interested in. Under different temperature conditions as well as physical agents, TB bacteria will survive different periods of time:

  • Under sunlight: TB bacteria will usually die after about 1.5 hours
  • At 42°C: TB bacteria stop growing
  • At 80°C or higher: TB bacteria die after 10 minutes
  • Under ultraviolet exposure: TB bacteria last only for about 2-3 minutes
  • In 90° alcohol: TB bacteria will be destroyed in 3 minutes
  • In phenic acid 5%: TB bacteria last only for about 1 minute

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