What to do to increase the likelihood of a natural pregnancy

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Conception is a natural but also very complex and magical process of the body. The likelihood of pregnancy is usually stable at each menstrual cycle, but the highest is in the first month of uns protected sex.

1. How easy is it to get pregnant on what days?

About 80% of couples will become pregnant after 6 months of regular sex. This ability will be halved at the age of almost 40 compared to women in their twenties. Every month, hormones from the quiet gland stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. When an egg ripens and falls, it goes from the ovaries through an fallopian tube to reach the uterus. On this travel distance, eggs are easily fertilized if they encounter sperm. If you want to conceive, the time before ovulation is most appropriate. To judge the signs of ovulation, you need:

  • Regularly see the calendar: for several months, you should use the calendar to mark the start date of the menstrual cycle – the first day of each cycle. Ovulation usually occurs on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, although the exact time may vary from woman to woman or even between the months of the woman herself. Tracking for several months, building a chart can help you predict your ovulation period.

How to get pregnant fastest

Build a chart that predicts your ovulation period
  • Monitor the change of cervical mucus: before ovulation, you will see smooth vaginal discharge and a marked increase. This secrety has a white color in the same color as raw egg white. After ovulation, the rate of conception is lower, the discharge will be cloudy and concise or disappear completely.
  • Monitor body temperature: ovulation can cause a slight increase in body temperature (body temperature at complete rest). To check your temperature, use a thermometer to measure your body temperature. Measure the temperature every morning before getting off the bed (after having slept for at least 4 hours). Body temperature is now the lowest and is called the basic temperature of the body. Write down the results in square paper or into a spreadsheet. In a normal 28-day cycle, the average temperature is about 36.5°C. Just before ovulation the temperature can drop to 36.2°C then rise again to 37.0 °C until you see menstruation. You will have the highest fertility for two to three days before your body temperature rises. Temperatures will rise very little, often rising below 0.5°C.
  • Try the ovulation day predicter: no doctor's application is required, using this device to check urine to monitor the growth of hormones before ovulation. The ovulation date predicter may determine the most ovulation date or show signs before ovulation occurs. For the most accurate results, carefully read the user guide printed on the product label.

2. What to do if you want to conceive quickly?

2.1. Health, fitness

The first thing both husband and wife need to be able to get pregnant naturally is that full-body health must be good. Control your weight appropriately, do not be overweight or underweight, both have a negative effect on your health.

Maintain a reasonable fitness regime, at least 3-4 times per week. Do not use anything that can negatively affect health, eliminating habits that affect the health of reproduction in particular. The following should be reduced or eliminated: smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking caffeine (including coffee and caffeine-containing drinks), toxic chemicals.

Both should also talk to doctors and pharmacists when using certain drugs, some of which can affect sex and reproduction, negative effects on pregnancy.

How to get pregnant fastest

Maintain a fitness regime of at least 3- 4 weeks

2.2. Choosing a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle improves conception in women with ovule release disorders. Besides, the couple should maintain a reasonable weight, including a habit of moderate daily physical activity, eating a healthy diet. Drinking milk, eating fruits, meat and protein in reasonable quantities will also help improve your health and increase your chances of motherhood. Try adding two or three portions of milk to your daily diet, but you need to balance them with a variety of other fruits, vegetables, lean meats or fish, the purpose of which is to get benefits from all different food groups. Such good habits make you and your child healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Caffeine, processed foods are things that can be harmful to reproduction. Men should abstain from soy-based ingredients, studies show an association between reducing sperm quality and eating more soy-containing ingredients.

2.3. Use of vitamins

Women preparing for pregnancy are advised to take folic acid supplements (at least 400 mcg per day) which reduces the risk of fetal tube malformations. Folic acid plays an important role in the development of the child. Taking vitamin supplements or folic acid every day for several months before pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of vertebral fissers and other neurological tube defects in a child.

2.4. Use of herbs

Herbal natural pregnancy therapy has not been reported by specific studies.

However, natural plant ingredients or some plant components (roots, stems, flowers, branches and seeds) to enhance the menstrual cycle, improve egg quality, sperm quality and improve overall reproduction health.

Herbs can be used in many forms such as extracts, capsules, tablets or ointments. Although herbs are a natural form of pharmaceuticals that are considered "benign", they may actually contain some ingredients that have strong medicinal properties and can cause undesirable effects. Therefore, you should consult a doctor before taking it instead of using it yourself or listening to tips from acquaintances.

2.5. Regular medical check-up

How to get pregnant fastest

Check your health to check if there are any problems with your fertility or your partner

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and have not yet been, it is time to see a doctor. They can give you a general health assessment and do tests to check if there are any problems with your fertility or your partner.

You should also share about the difficulties of trying to conceive and your doctor can advise you on lifestyle choices as well as how to promote your chances of conception. Plans to have more children are quite possible if you and your husband have no health problems

Finally, always remember, those who are mentally comfortable will make conception a lot more convenient than those who are always stressed and feel pressure in this regard. Stay optimistic and take good care of your health so you can get good news soon.

In order to have the highest fertility and ensure a healthy pregnancy, before planning a pregnancy, both spouses should check for fertility health 3-5 months before pregnancy. You will be examined for fertility, sexuality, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, screening for genetic diseases. In particular, this examination will be able to detect early the cause that can lead to infertility, rarely to take early interventions. Doctors will also advise on when to give birth best and measures to be able to give birth to smart healthy babies.

Currently, Share99 International Health Hub is implementing basic and advanced pre-marital birth health check-up packages. This package will help you know your health status, promptly treat and prevent the risk of diseases if any, supplement the necessary nutrients, create the best conditions for the fetus to develop right from the time of pregnancy, help identify risk factors related to genetics , especially in cases where parents are suffering from obstetric and gynecologic diseases, chronic diseases, have been pregnant or gave birth to children with birth defects. In particular, Share99 has Share99 Assisted Reproduction Center which is the leading modern center in Vietnam built and applied a comprehensive treatment process, combining both male and obstetrics and gynecology to offer the optimal plan for each customer case. The team of doctors are highly specialized, experienced professionals, capable of deploying comprehensively and comprehensively the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques today.

Share99 Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology is located next to Share99 Assisted Reproduction Center, which is convenient for consulting and diagnosing genetic diseases. After performing the necessary screening tests for both men and women, doctors will analyze the results and give advice tailored to each case. All customer information is confidential, ensuring privacy.

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Pre-pregnancy health advice at Share99

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