Good and uns healthy seafood dishes

How to cook, freshness and type of fish are the factors that determine whether the seafood is healthy or not. When choosing to buy seafood and processing it is necessary to limit creams, oils, salts, bad fats and pay attention to the mercury content.

1. Healthy seafood dishes

1.1. Salmon

This is a super nutritious dish that always appears on many menus recommended by experts. Salmon has a very healthy content of omega-3 fatty acids. When canned, salmon also usually have less mercury than tuna. Wild salmon caught in Alaskan waters is a good seafood dish for both children and adults, whether fresh or canned. However, fatty fish such as salmon can contain many mixtures of PCB artificial chemicals. So you should cut out or remove their fat, skin and dark flesh.

1.2. Prawn Cocktail

It is a popular healthy seafood dish in the UK and US, in which shrimp are cooked with cocktail sauce and served in glasses. Steamed or boiled shrimp are quite healthy thanks to their high protein content, low in fat and mercury. However, the accompanying sauces, especially bottled tomato sauce, can hide a lot of sugar or corn syrup with high content of fructose. So if you want to take shrimp salad, you should replace the traditional sauces with a cocktail or any other recipe that guarantees no / very little sugar.

1.3. Clam soup / tomato clams

As the name seems, this soup has two main ingredients: clams and tomatoes. In addition, potatoes, carrots and onions are other ingredients added to the dish. A cup of soup provides about 75 calories and is low in saturated fat, while a portion of the same clam cream soup has about 181 calories. Mercury is not usually a concern for two-piece shellfish such as oysters, oysters and clams.

tomato clam soup

Tomato clam soup

1.4. Anchovies salad

This type of fish is small and the life cycle is short, so their meat is less likely to contain mercury, PCBs and other chemicals. Even so, anchovies can provide an amount of omega-3 fatty acids equivalent to the level the body needs. Some canned anchovies have a lot of salt, which is to check the box labels, especially those that have sodium residues. White anchovies soaked in vinegar and some other sauces are usually less salty.

1.5. Canned tuna

This lean fish provides you with a lot of protein and some omega-3s. Tuna is larger in size than sardines and anchovies, so there is also often more mercury and other chemicals in the meat. It is recommended to prioritize the type of canned tuna in the form of crushed meat with a low mercury content. If you prefer thick and white long-finned tuna (which tends to contain more mercury), look for products originating from the United States or Canada for safety. People who are on a low-calorie and fat diet buy water-soaked canned tuna instead of oil-soaked tuna.

1.6. oyster

Oysters provide a lot of protein and zinc, but it is best to cook the oysters and not eat them raw. This will help you avoid bacterial food poisoning. The bacterium Vibrio appears common in the warm months, but can also survive at any time in live oysters. Lemon juice, hot sauce, or alcohol in re-oyster dishes cannot kill Vibrio bacteria. So you need to cook oysters thoroughly. Hepatitis A is also a risk when consuming shellfish. Oysters can be a good food, but should not be taken if their appearance and smell are abnormal.


Eating raw oysters is high at risk of food poisoning

1.7. Grilled catfish

Despite its not very beautiful appearance, this farmed catfish is one of the healthy seafood. Catfish have a low mercury content, are environmentally friendly, nutritious and easy to find in many places. Fried catfish is a favorite dish of many people, but fried will add a lot of calories and fat to the dish. Therefore it is recommended to bake them to form a healthy dish.

1.8. sardine

Sardines are usually canned, but sometimes you can also find fresh fish at the market. They have a lot of omega-3 and less mercury because of their small and short size. In addition, since sardines are very much in the sea, the price is also quite cheap. Similar to tuna, you should choose canned sardines soaked in water instead of oil.

1.9. Seafood Salad (Ceviche)

This is a traditional dish in Latin America, made from raw fish, lemon juice, and often adds potatoes as well as onions. The acidity in the lemon juice re-recurs the fish part causing them to change color. Before being served, the fish are also frozen for a week at a temperature of -20°C. This helps get rid of parasites that cause you disease. The size and type of fish selected also contributes to deciding whether this is a healthy seafood dish or not. So you should only try ceviche at restaurants with experienced chefs serving this special dish.

Fish salad

Try seafood salad at reputable restaurants

2. Uns healthy seafood dishes

2.1. Fish and Chips

It is a traditional English dish and very popular in Western cuisine. The two main ingredients in this fast dish are fish and potatoes that are both deep fried. Of course, this way of processing is not friendly to health. In addition, tartar fat sauce and tomato sauce are often served with Fish&Chips which are even more fat, sugar and calories. Instead of this uns healthy seafood dish, you should bake fish and potatoes to control the amount of oil (it is possible to coat the cornstarches outside to create crunch). Seasoning with a little lemon is a simple way for the dish to add flavor and still low in calories.

2.2. Clam / clam ice cream soup

Although clams provide you with a lot of protein, this soup also includes cream, butter and salted pork. So you can get a lot of calories, saturated fats and sodium – ingredients that people need to limit. It is advisable to prepare this dish only during special meals and try not to over-use it.

3. Seafood dishes to limit

To limit seafood allergies, you should use well-prepared and cooked seafood. Besides, you should also limit the use of the following types of seafood:

3.1. Some types of marine fish

Swordfish are capable of containing high levels of mercury no matter how processed. Sharks, fish and tilefish are similar, so this is not a good seafood option for children. Eating these fish from time to time will not be a serious problem, but overeing can damage your brain and kidneys. Pregnant women who eat a lot of swordfish can cause damage to the baby or miscarriage. Babies, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems may be more sensitive.


Eating more swordfish during pregnancy has a negative effect on the baby

3.2. sushi

Sushi can be a good dish with a lot of lean protein and omega-3, and at the same time quite low in fat, sugar and calories. However, this dish also has some disadvantages. Live fish need to be treated by a professional chef to avoid bacteria and parasites. Mercury in popular sushi-making fish, such as ali bass and bluefin tuna, can affect health if you overee.

When choosing to buy fresh seafood, it is recommended to choose fish with bright eyes and avoid those that smell too fishy. If you do not like the fish bones, it is possible to choose to buy fillets. Experts recommend cooking the fish until they peel off easily with a fork. You can cook seafood in several ways, but baking or steaming is a recipe that is often recommended to get healthy seafood.

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