Notes during the transfer of workpieces

The article was written by Specialist I Ho Trung Hieu – Clinician, Assisted Reproduction Center – Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

Freezing embryo transfer is a method of assisted reproduction, after in vi vism fertilization (IVF) forms a frozen embryo for a while then transfers the embryo into the woman's uterus (the patient does not have to perform the ovarian stimulation process again).

1. Notes before transferring frozen embryos at Share99 Health Hub

There are various methods for the preparation of the lining of the uterus, individualization depending on the cause of infertility, failure to nest. Use prescriptions according to the regimen: Alternative hormones, natural cycles, use of ovarian light stimulants (note the name of the drug, sugar used, time, drug content …).

At Share99 Times City International Health Hub,patients will be examined for mucosal preparation on 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation using doppler ultrasound appointment drug on 10-14 menstruation rounds.

When ultrasound of the lining of the uterus meets well the patient will be instructed:

  • The number of embryos transferred, transferred on 3rd, 4th or 5th day (The number of transferred embryos will be considered depending on the quality of the embryo, success rate, multiple pregnancy … )
  • Appointment of the date of transfer of the embryo.
  • Pre-transfer procedure: Carrying the embryo freezing card, the application for transfer of the workpiece signed by the couple.
  • Diet, hygiene (If transferring anesthesia embryos fasting before 6h).
  • Pay the associated costs when using the hospital's services.


Patients will be guided specifically

2. The procedure carried out on the day of the transfer of the workpiece

  • Health workers re-examine patient administrative information: Embryo freezing card…
  • Announce the results of the workpiece after defrosting, the number of embryos expected to be transferred.
  • Instructions for customers before entering the embryo transfer room include: Room rules, changing tricks, keeping psychologically comfortable, fasting, taking medicines before transferring embryos according to the command …
  • Perform embryo transfer: Gentle procedure.

3. After transferring the workpiece

  • Customers receive workpiece result cards and workpiece freezing cards (if any).
  • Save 1-2 hours and then go home: It is not necessary to lie unconscious or take long breaks to prevent embolic and urinary embol squash.
  • Health counseling and education:
  • How to take the drug: Patients should only take drugs prescribed by a direct treating doctor, do not take male medicines, northern medicines, functional foods of unknown origin, Medications used properly: dosage, dosage, duration …
  • Diet: It is recommended to maintain a normal diet. It is advis recommended to abstain only from substances that are too spicy, strong stimulants. Drink enough 2-3 liters of water per day.

Abnormal signs (abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, urinary insularity, constipation, fever…) should see a treating doctor for advice and appropriate treatment directions.

  • When to take a pregnancy test: After 12-14 years after transferring the embryo with an HCG test. It is not recommended to take a quickstick pregnancy test or a blood test too early.

If the pregnancy test results are negative but after 1 week you still do not have menstruation you should repeat the pregnancy test. If you have menstruation means that the new cycle begins you should calm down and follow the instructions your doctor treats.

If you test positive you need to see a doctor for contraception and advise next steps.

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