What you need to know about stress type headache

Stress type headache is a common condition in everyday life and can be encountered in any subject regardless of age, gender. Although the disease is not directly life-threatening at first, it does not affect the health and mental health of the patient.

1. Overview of stress type headaches

Tension (type headache) is a painful condition caused by spasms of the muscles of the scalp, face or neck. When the person falls into a prolonged state of stress or anxiety, these muscles become stiff, creating a feeling of aches and pains.

Stress type headache is considered the most common form of headache, followed by migraine headache and nerve pain No. 5. Currently, the exact cause of the disease has not really been clarified but according to already existing studies, it has been found that the disease has much to do with psychological factors of stress, stress.

Stress type headache can be divided into 3 main forms:

  • Occasional cycle headaches: headaches occasionally appear and appear randomly.
  • Frequent cycle headache: the pain appears in episodes lasting from 30 minutes – 7 days in a cycle of 1 – 14 episodes / month.
  • Chronic headache: the pain appears continuously and can last for hours in a row with a cycle of 15 episodes / month, at the same time sometimes accompanied by a feeling of nausea.

2. Causes of stress type headache

2.1 Psychological stress

From the very name of being able to see psychological stress, stress is one of the main causes of stressful headaches. When the body falls into a state of stress, the nerve secretes a large amount of the hormone Cortisol, at the same time the need to absorb energy from fat also increases continuously.

This leads to hypertension and makes the heart rate beat faster than the normal threshold. At that time, the blood circulation process is also disturbed and puts high pressure on the vessel city.

Stress is essentially how people see, attitudes and how to respond to problems in everyday life. Particularly, stress is classified as one of the urban diseases because of the noisy and bustling rhythm of life in urban areas to facilitate the development of diseases.

Headaches caused by prolonged stress

Stress is the cause of stress headaches

2.2 Weather changes

In cases sensitive to abnormal changes in climate, humidity, temperature or air pressure, changing the weather can also lead to stressful headaches. This condition is commonly encountered in the elderly and women.

For example, when the weather is too hot to dehydration, stressful mood leads to difficulty sleeping, insomnia. The lack of long-term sleep gradually adversely affects the nervous system, forming headaches that gradually become chronic headaches.

2.3 Pre-life disorders

The nervous system when damaged by stress syndrome will cause a pre-medhythm disorder.

In the nervous system, nerve no. 8 plays a role in transmitring information but experiences negative effects that lead to damage. Then the operation of the system of the fore can become inaccurate and disordered. This in turns causes manifestations such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and especially headaches that prolong fatigue.

2.4 Other factors

There are also a number of other factors that can lead to stress type headaches such as:

  • Abuse of stimulants (alcohol, beer);
  • Life and work pressures;
  • Head injuries, head collisions;
  • Maintain too long a position;
  • Affected by noise pollution.

3. Clinical symptoms of stress type headache

Clinical and sub-clinical symptoms of stress type headache are often seen as:

  • The head always feels squeezed by a rope or towel;
  • Impaired ability to focus, remember;
  • Smoldering headaches persist, sometimes even the pain in the nape of the neck;
  • Difficulty sleeping, frequent insomnia;
  • When stress, fatigue or exposure to loud noise increases the level of pain;
  • There is a feeling of contraction of the muscles of the head – face – neck;
  • Sometimes it's like a knock in your head.

Usually the symptoms of stress type headache will last for several hours. Initially the pain can be alleviated within 3 days – 1 week if the patient uses painkillers continuously. However, then the pain will continue to repeat several times. Therefore, patients should see a doctor immediately if they see an increased level of pain and are accompanied by many symptoms such as vomiting, drooping limbs,…

Insomnia aged 50

Insomnia is a symptom of stress type headache

4. Diagnosis and treatment of stress type headache

4.1 Diagnosis of stress type headache

In order to diagnose a stressful tyre headache, the patient will often be asked some relevant questions by the doctor from which there is information and basis for the diagnosis.

  • Location, degree of pain and type of pain;
  • The moment of on-the-go pain ;
  • Symptoms appear accompanied;
  • Previously used drugs;
  • History of headaches of the patient's family and individuals;
  • The level and likelihood of stress in work, life.

4.2 Treatment of stress type headache

Stress type headaches can be treated in remission through a number of measures such as:

  • Use of analgesics such as: Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Acetaminophen as prescribed by a doctor;
  • Have a mode of physical exercise and relaxation;
  • Practice physical therapy or thanks to the intervention of various types of muscle contraction reduction devices.

Stressful headaches with unclear symptoms, which can be easily confused with common headaches that make the person subjective. Therefore, when there is any suspicion of stressful headaches, patients should immediately go to medical facilities for examination and have definitive treatment early.

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