The risks of twin pregnancies

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According to health experts, during twin pregnancies, women are most susceptible to miscarriages of the first 3 months of pregnancy, the rate of abnormal pregnancies, malformations is also higher than single pregnancies. Understanding the risks of twin pregnancies will help women reduce surprises on the journey mothers need to overcome and increase med mother's awareness of potential symptoms of trouble.

1. M mother's risk of twin pregnancies

1.1 Premature birth

Premature birth: Twin pregnancies not only pose a danger to the baby, but also pose a danger to the mother. The rate of pregnant women with premature twins is very high, more dangerous can be life-threatening for both maternity and fetal life if not given a timely emergency.

1.2 Gestational hypertension

Gestational hypertension (PIH) is an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy. Twin pregnancies have three to four times more pregnancy hypertension than single pregnancies. If not treated, gestational hypertension can cause premature birth, the baby does not develop well or the fetus loses in the womb. Gestational hypertension also seriously affects the health of the mother, especially when it progresses to pre-seizure .

Twin pregnancies

Gestational hypertension (PIH) is an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy

1.3 Pre-production

Pre-seizures are conditions that include hypertension and increased protein proportions in the urine. Pre- seizure symptoms include swelling, headache and weight gain. The risk of pre-maternity seizures in multi-pregnancy mothers is twice as high as usual. If left uns treated, pre- seizures can cause seizures, also known as blood poisoning. Seizures cause seizures and can endanger the lives of mothers and babies who have not yet been born.

1.4 Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition when the mother, although not diabetic before pregnancy, has difficulty maintaining blood sugar levels. Gestational diabetes occurs in about five percent of single pregnancies, but the number of twin pregnancies with gestational diabetes is twice as high. Gestational diabetes can be treated by adjusting the diet and lifestyle.

Multi-pregnancy pregnancies are also more severe. For some pregnant women, excessive vomiting during pregnancy causes the mother to lose up to five percent of her body mass and may be hospitalized.

In addition, multi-pregnancy pregnant women are at risk of digestive problems throughout pregnancy, such as constipation. Multiple pregnancies usually have to have a cesarean section, due to an unsym ideal pregnancy position (such as when the first baby does not turn their head down) or due to complications, which causes the mother to take longer to recover from birth and faces a higher risk of complications during labor.

2. Twin pregnancies and risks to the fetus

Twin pregnancies have a higher risk of miscarriage. In some cases, one of the fetuses may have a miscarriage or disappear (doublepregnancy disappearance syndrome – VTS), only the surviving fetus survives.

Twin pregnancies often lead to asymmetrical development and weight difference between 2 pregnancies due to 1 delayed pregnancy in the uterus, leading to babies born with low weight, with a higher risk of jaundice than normal pregnancies

In addition, twin blood transfusion syndrome occurs that can occur during twin pregnancies with the placenta. If not treated, this syndrome can cause newborn heart failure or lead to death.

3. How to have a healthy twin pregnancy?

Pregnant women can take the following steps to reduce these risks, including:

3.1 Early and regular doctor visits

The advice of medical professionals, during pregnancy especially multi-pregnancy, pregnant women need to visit and monitor in medical facilities. Strictly perform regular pregnancy examinations. If there are abnormal signs, doctors will consult and discuss to make the least damaging decisions about health and mental health. Because twin pregnancies are prone to large pregnancies, pregnancies … The last 3 months must be closely monitored to be able to conceive at least 37 weeks of age because of the prone to premature birth.

3.2 Healthy diet

The diet of the pregnant woman has a great impact on the pregnancy. The process of gaining weight during twin pregnancies can help ensure babies are born with a healthy weight. Therefore, pregnant women need to ensure a diet with appropriate amounts of protein intake to help their baby grow.

Twin pregnancies

The diet of the pregnant woman has a great impact on pregnancy

Make sure you always eat enough, not diet or overeating. Health experts recommend that pregnant mothers only add 300 calories to the daily nutrition menu based on standard energy tables for women. This number doubles or triples only if you are twice pregnant or triple pregnant.

3.3 Drinking enough water

Dehydration can cause premature birth for any pregnancy especially during twin pregnancies. So make sure to provide adequate water every day.

Because twin pregnancies are prone to large pregnancies, pregnancies … therefore, the last 3 months of pregnancy must be closely monitored to get advice on the best way to constrice. During labor, pregnant women are necessarily required to go to medical facilities with a resuscitation department for babies.

The most important thing for pregnant mothers who are pregnant with twins is to go to the doctor for advice, to give all the risks and difficulties to prepare psychologically, as well as to get the support, comfort and help from relatives.

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