Cold runny nose: Does your child need antibiotics?

The article was consulted professionally with Specialist Doctor II Nguyen Van Thai – Doctor of Ear Nose And Throat – Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine – Share99 Da Nang International Hospital.

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Colds are viral diseases and no antibiotic in the world can help fight it. That means that antibiotics do not always work in the treatment of symptoms such as runny nose due to colds. Besides, the use of antibiotics when not necessary can make the drug less effective can sometimes lead to antibiotic resistance.

1. Cold

A cold is a viral infectious disease that causes infection in the nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). It is also known as acute rhinoplasty and acute runny nose. It is a common infectious disease in humans and is mainly caused by coronavirus or rhino virus.

Colds can be transmitted through air droplets from coughing, sneezing, or touching infected surfaces.

Get rid of the disease now with 9 simple cold treatment tips

Colds are infectious diseases of the respiratory tract

2. Runny nose due to colds

When the virus that causes the first cold infects the nose and sinuses, then the nose secretes mucus. This helps the virus flow from the nose into the sinuses. After two or three days, with the struggle by the body's immune system will cause the fluid to change to white or yellow.

When the bacteria that live in the nose grow again during the recovery phase, the mucus will turn green at this time. This procedure is completely normal and also does not mean that a child with a cold needs to take antibiotics.


Colds often have symptoms of runny nose caused by viruses

3. Does a child need antibiotics to treat a cold runny nose?

Usually when the child has a common cold and signs of runny nose does not require the use of antibiotics for treatment. Because, antibiotics have no effect on cold viruses or runny noses. Even if the mucus is thick, there is a yellow or green color. To explain why not to take antibiotics for treatment is because unnecessary antibiotics will not be able to help relieve the symptoms of colds, but also harm the child's body. Taking antibiotics can sometimes produce drug-resistant bacteria.

Antibiotic resistance appears, at which point bacteria will grow faster and are capable of defeating drugs designed to destroy them. At the same time, whenever antibiotics are used, they can cause side effects and can lead to antibiotic resistance. The side effects of antibiotics are usually rashes, dizziness, stomach problems and yeast infections.

Runny nose is a very normal part of the cold. Your doctor or nurse may prescribe other medications or give you advice to help relieve symptoms such as fever and cough.

Some measures can help your child feel better with a cold and runny nose

● Give your child plenty of water and rest. That will help the mucus to be diluted and easier to cough.

● Use a humidifier or steam. Hot baths can be great things that loosen mucus. Or breathe with steam from hot water.

● Use saline to spray your nose or small nose

● For young children can use rubber suction balls to clean mucus

● For older children, inhale steam from a bowl of hot water or give a shower

● Use honey to reduce cough (commonly used for children under 1 year old)

Colds are very common diseases that usually thrive during the intersection period around October to March of the following year. In a year, a person can get 2-3 times, but for children, the number of infections will be about 6-10 times higher because the child's immune system is not complete and the child is not able to protect himself from the source of viral infection.

Besides, the incidence of the disease also increases in older people or people with poor immune systems. The disease does not pose a danger to the body but makes the person uncomfortable and has many troubles in daily life. In the without the guidance of a doctor should not abuse antibiotics to treat the symptoms of colds as it can make the condition worse.

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