The role of red blood cells endurance in blood diseases

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Red blood cells endurance measurement is an assessment of the likelihood of red blood cells breaking in different concentrations of saline solution. Normally red blood cells begin to rupture in a saline solution with a concentration of 4.5 – 5%0. Complete rupture at a concentration of 3-3.5%

1. What is red blood cell membrane?

Red blood cells are semi-permeable membranes so put red blood cells in a solution of salt, water from abroad will enter the red blood cells to enlarge red blood cells. The more debilitating the solution Zhang (the paler) the water enters the red blood cells, the more fragile the red blood cells. Take advantage of this property to assess the sustainability of red blood cells in different concentrations of saline solutions.

rupture of red blood cells

The lighter the solution, the more fragile the red blood cells

2. Rely on emia endurance combined with clinical to diagnose a number of hematomas

+ Increased red blood cellsstrength: when red blood cells in the solution of salt concentration are low but red blood cells rupture less than normal red rupture in salt solution at the same concentration.

+ Decreased red blood cellsstrength: when the esthsim red blood cells in the solution have higher salt concentrations, the red blood cells rupture much more than the normal red rupture level in the salt solution at the same concentration.

3. Red blood cells endurance is valuable in the diagnosis of a number of hemolymic anemias

Reduced red blood cells endurance

  • Encountered in heredity small singular red blood cells (this disease genetically dominates chromotypes usually account for 75% of cases associated with the short-wingED ANKIRIL gene in chromotype 8, associated with Beta-Spectrin deficiency, 25% have no suspected family nature due to the heredity of chromotypes usually associated with Alpha-Spectrin.
  • Oval red blood cells, oral red blood cells
  • Auto-hemoma

Increased red blood cells endurance

  • Thalassemia is heredified hemoglobin disease, due to a synthetic deficiency of one or more polypeptide vessels in the globulin of hemoglobin
  • Sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell

Diagnosis of sickle cell anemia

Normal HC endurance

  • Due to the lack of Pyruvatkina yeast
  • G6PD deficiency is the first yeast of pentophotphase process in glucose metabolism lacking G6PD reducing the red blood cells' red blood cells causing hem soluble
  • And most other blood diseases SBHC is normal

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