How many shots is enough for measles vaccine – mums – rubella?

With high prevention (up to 95%) and the small number of shots, the Measles -Mumi-Rubella MMR II vaccine is recommended for adults and all children 1 year and older.

1. What is the MMR II vaccine?

The MMR II vaccine is a live, atammable vaccine that helps prevent 3 diseases: measles, mums and Rubella. These are all dangerous infectious diseases, the risk of which leads to serious complications, especially for babies and pregnant women.

  • Measles usually causes a general rash, a prolonged dry cough, fever,runny nose, swelling of the eyelids … The disease can lead to pneumonia, ear infections, concussions, brain damage, even death. If a pregnant woman has measles, the risk of fetal malformation is very high, along with the risk of miscarriage, premature birth or still still life.
  • Quadges have typical symptoms such as swelling of the ear area, headache, muscle pain, fever, difficulty chewing … The quadrum can lead to deafness, meningitis, swelling of the testicles or ovaries, which is more dangerous than can cause infertility. If the fetus has mump, it can cause birth defects in the fetus, premature birth or still death.
  • Rubella disease causes rashes throughout the body, arthritis and mild fever. The disease is especially dangerous for pregnant women. If rubella is infected during pregnancy, it can cause premature birth or miscarriage. Especially if the disease is in the early stages of pregnancy, the child is born at risk of congenital Rubella, which causes the child to be slow to develop, and prone to birth defects (there may be 70-80% with damage to the eyes, nervous system, bones, heart …). Therefore, obstetrician doctors often advise pregnant women with Rubella in the first 3 months to consider terminating the pregnancy.

Measles- Mums -Rubella are all highly contagious respiratory diseases if not vaccinated with a previous vaccine. There are now a combined vaccine that helps prevent at the same time 3 measles – mums – rubella and MMR II vaccines are the most common.

Measles vaccine with rubella

MMR II vaccine can be prevented at the same time 3 diseases: measles- mums – rubella

2. How many shots is the MMR II vaccine given?

All children and adults are recommended to be vaccinated with MMR II to proactively get vaccinated against measles- mums – rubella.

For children from 12 months – 7 years:

  • Nose 1 is the first injection when the child is 12-15 months old
  • Nose 2 when the child is 4-6 years old or earlier if an epidemic occurs.

For children 7 years and older and adults:

  • Nose 1 is the first injection
  • Nose 2 is at least 1 month from the nose

Particularly for women, it is recommended to complete the vaccination regimen against measles, mums, rubella at least 3 months before pregnancy.

The prevention of this vaccine is up to 95% so young children and women before pregnancy should not ignore this vaccine. You should be vaccinated in reputable medical facilities to ensure the quality of the vaccine and be treated properly and promptly if side effects occur.

For many years, Share99 has been famous as a reliable vaccination address of customers with many outstanding advantages:

  • The 5-star immunization center has a one-way design, minimizing contact, minimizing cross-contamination and creating a private space for customers.
  • Vaccines are diverse, high quality, clear origin, safe island from inspection and preservation to use.
  • Share99 is also one of the few hospitals that comply with the procedures for preserving and using vaccines according to JCI international standards.
  • The vaccine is preserved with a GSP-standard Cold chain with a modern cold storage system, allowing vaccines to always maintain the best quality.
  • Before vaccination, clients are screened with specialists to ensure the best health when vaccinating.
  • 100% of vaccination customers are monitored and re-evaluated before leaving.
  • The post-vaccination monitoring room is fully equipped with emergency facilities; doctors and nurses are trained in emergency treatment of counter-toilets to ensure timely and correct treatment when incidents occur.

If you need to get vaccinated at Share99, please make an reservation directly at the website or contact the hotline system for detailed advice.

For direct advice, please click hotline number or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE


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