Chickenpox vaccine for adults

Not only for young children, but adults are also at risk of chickenpox, especially during the annual epidemic period. Chickenpox in adults without good treatment can also cause many dangerous health complications and greatly affect living and life. Therefore, vaccination against chickenpox for adults is the best preventive measure.

1. Chickenpox in adults

Chickenpox is a common disease caused by the varicella zoster virus. Symptoms of chickenpox include fever and itchy spots or blisters throughout the body. Chickenpox is usually mild and takes place after 5-10 days, but it can cause more serious problems when adolescents and adults get sick. People with a special poor immune system are more susceptible to serious complications caused by chickenpox.

2. Some complications that may arise from chickenpox include

  • Skin infections
  • pneumonia
  • Encephalitis (swelling in the brain)
  • Herpes zoster
  • Arthritis

Chickenpox vaccination in adults is the best way to prevent the disease. A vaccine has been available in the US since 1995 and is 70-90% effective against this disease. Those vaccinated will be completely immune to chickenpox.


Chickenpox causes complications of arthritis

3. Shouldn't adults be vaccinated against chickenpox?

  • Moderate and severe illness at the time of vaccination.
  • Pregnant women (women should not become pregnant for 1 month after chickenpox vaccination).
  • There have been allergic reactions to gelatin, antibiotic neomycin, or a previous dose of chickenpox vaccine.
  • Hiv infection or a disease that damages the immune system.
  • Patients have recently received blood transfusions or other blood products.

4. Chickenpox vaccine

The chickenpox vaccine is made from a weak, live form of varicella virus. That means that the blister has the ability to create immunity in the body without causing disease.

5. Possible risks when associated with chickenpox vaccine

The most common side effect from the chickenpox vaccine is swelling, pain or redness at the injection site. Some people may also have a mild rash or mild fever after vaccination.

Serious reactions to chickenpox vaccines are extremely rare, but they may include:

  • epilepsy
  • Brain infections
  • pneumonia
  • Loss of balance
  • Severe allergic reactions (anaphylactic shock)

Women who receive the chickenpox vaccine during pregnancy should contact a specialist immediately. Chickenpox during pregnancy can cause birth defects. Therefore, there may be a risk that the chickenpox vaccine will also cause similar birth defects.

As with other vaccines, the risks associated with chickenpox vaccines are much lower than those associated with the disease itself.

Currently, Share99 International Health Hub provides chickenpox vaccination services. When vaccinating at Share99, there will be benefits such as:

MMR Nose

Vaccination is an effective preventive measure
  • Children will be examined by pediatricians – vaccines, fully screened for physical and health issues, advice on vaccines and vaccination regimens, how to monitor and care for children after vaccination before prescribing vaccinations according to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health / World Health Organization to ensure the best and safest effect for children after vaccination. young.
  • A team of experienced, professional pediatric doctors and nurses, understand the child's psychology and apply effective pain relief to the child during vaccination.
  • 100% of vaccinated children are monitored 30 minutes after vaccination and re-evaluated before leaving.
  • Be monitored before, during and after vaccination at Share99 Health System and always have emergency ekip ready to coordinate with the vaccination department to handle cases of anaphylalacticshock, respiratory failure – stop cyclic, ensure timely treatment, the right regimen when something happens.
  • The vaccination room is airy, has a play area, helps children feel comfortable like walking around and have a good mentality before and after vaccination.
  • Vaccines are imported and stored in modern cold storage systems, with COLD chains meeting GSP standards, keeping the vaccine in the best condition to ensure quality.
  • Parents will receive a reminder message before the date of vaccination and the child's vaccination information will be synchronized with the National Immunization Information System.

The vaccine can save 3 million lives a year and protect children from high-risk infectious diseases such as measles, pneumonia, cholera and diphtheria.

Share99 International Health Hub is offering a package vaccination program with a variety of vaccines for a variety of subjects, from infants, young children, adults, women before and during pregnancy.
Particularly in December 2019, Share99 is free of charge for newborn Hepatitis B vaccination (immediately after birth) for babies when registering for the Package for children from 0-1 year old or from 0-2 years old.

For direct advice, please click hotline number or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE

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