Pros and cons of vasecti vasectitis

Vasectitis is a method of reproduction in men with high efficiency and safety. This way of contraception has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. What is vasectitism?

Vasectitis is a procedure used for sterilization in men or permanent contraception. When performing this surgical procedure, the male ureter is cut and forced to prevent sperm from entering the urethra, preventing fertilization through sexual contact.

Vasectitis is a common method for couples to carry out family planning, avoiding unexpected pregnancies. This is a simple, easy-to-perform and safe trick. However, very few men choose to perform this method because they are concerned about reducing their sexual ability.



2. Who should have a vasectitism

Vasectitis should be performed when:

  • Your spouse does not intend to have more children
  • Spouses with the disease are at high genetic risk
  • Wife can't use any other method of contraception
  • You completely actively choose to perform this procedure to share the contraceptive burden for your wife.

However, there are some cases in which vasectitis should not be performed, including:

  • You have a blood clot disorder
  • You have chronic testicle pain
  • You have sexual dysfunction
  • Abnormal signs in the scrotum such as epidural fluid retention, inguinal hernia, varicose veins, chronic inflammation.
  • Abnormal appearance in chimpanzees.

What is testicle pain

Patients with chronic testes pain should have a vasectitis

3. Pros and cons of vasecti vasectitis

Vasectitis is an almost absolute contraceptive.

3.1 Advantages of vasectitis

The following are the advantages of vasectitis method:

  • Is almost absolutely effective contraception with a success rate of over 99.5%
  • Vasecti vasectitis is very safe, does not affect testosterone levels, pleasure or any other problems related to sex life
  • This procedure does not affect sexual function and esacing
  • Less invasive, less time-consuming and cheaper than vasectitis
  • Do not change the amount of hormones in the body
  • Has the effect of reducing the risk of ovarian cancer later
  • Fast recovery time

3.2 Disadvantages of vasecti vasectitis

However, this method also has some disadvantages such as:

  • Performing a vasectile vasectile does not help you fight sexually transmitted infections
  • You may have swelling, bruising
  • Bleeding in the scrotum appears
  • Appearance of blood in semen
  • Inflammation, infection
  • Reaction to anesthesies
  • Damaged bladder
  • Pelvic area with post-surgery pain
  • You need to make sure you don't want more children before choosing to perform this procedure

After performing vasectitis, you need to apply other contraceptives for 3 months before removing all remaining sperm, such as using a condom because this method is not immediately effective.

Does vasectitis have any effect

It is necessary to think carefully before deciding to tighten the vasectitis

4. Does vasectitis have any effect?

Some people argue that vasectitism will reduce sexual capacity, causing sex life to suffer… However, in fact, if you perform a vasectitism, you can still get an erection and orgasm during sex. Besides, the truth is that you still ion ion but do not have sperm. Therefore, you will not have uns wanting children if you perform this procedure.

In summary, vasectitis does not cause any serious effects on sexual and physical health in men

5. Complications caused by vasectitis procedures

After performing the vasectitis procedure, you may experience some of the following complications:

  • Inside the scrotum bleeding or forming blood clots
  • Appearance of blood in semen
  • Bruised scrotum
  • Infection in the surgical area
  • Pelvic pain
  • Swelling of the scrotum
  • uncomfortable

Some complications may appear late such as:

  • Approximately 1-2% of subjects performing vasectitis suffer from chronic pain after surgery
  • The appearance of fluid in the testicles causes you smoldering pain. You will feel more pain when ioning
  • The leakage of sperm from the top of the astringent tester tube makes you susceptible to inflammation (sperm granuloma).

Ionulation of blood

The appearance of blood in semen is a complications caused by a vasectitis procedure

Vasectitis is a method of contraception that causes few complications and a very high success rate. The implementation of this procedure does not affect the health as well as the sex life. Therefore, you can choose to have a vasectitism if you do not intend to have more children, this is also an action to share the responsibility of contraception for women.

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