How to respond to depression during pregnancy?

The increase in hormone reduction during pregnancy affects all women but some will be more sensitive leading to depression during pregnancy. At least 10% of pregnant women are depressed during this period.

1. What is depression during pregnancy?

Depression (also known as depressive disorder, major depression and clinical depression) is a medical condition that causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest in what you want to do. It can affect how you feel, think and act and can interfere with everyday life. In which depression during pregnancy is a disease that accounts for about 10% for pregnant women.

Women are more at risk of depression during pregnancy, in the weeks and months after childbirth. During pregnancy, hormone changes can affect brain chemicals and cause depression and anxiety. Sometimes, pregnant women do not realize they suffer from depression.

2. How to recognize depression during pregnancy?

Depression can come slowly. Symptoms are different in each person. They can be light, medium or heavy. Signs and symptoms of depression include:

  • Emotional changes
    • Feel sad, hopeless or overwhelmed
    • Feel restless or moody
    • Crying a lot
    • Feeling worthless or guilty
    • Thinking about death or suicide (suicide)

Depression during pregnancy: Don't neglect

Emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Changes in daily life
    • Eat more or less than you usually do
    • Difficulty remembering, focusing, or making decisions
    • Can't sleep or sleep too much
    • Retreat from friends and family
    • Lose interest in what you usually like to do
  • Changes in the body
    • No energy and feeling tired all the time
    • Headache, stomach aches or other aches do not go away

3. How does depression affect pregnant women?

Depression during pregnancy in addition to bringing bad consequences to the pregnant woman also greatly affects the fetus such as miscarriage, premature birth, light birth, underdeve developed pregnancy. After childbirth the child may be slow to develop language, behavior disorders, emotions, autism.

For depressed women who do not receive proper care can have negative behaviors such as drinking, smoking, drug addiction, abortion, even suicide.

If depression during pregnancy is not treated, it can lead to post-birth depression. Post-birth depression is a serious condition that can last for months after birth. It can affect your health and how well you bond with your baby.

4. How to respond to depression during pregnancy?

Depression during pregnancy: Don't neglect

Response to depression during pregnancy

Simplify the problem: Don't think you'll continue to do everything you normally would before your pregnancy. Always prioritize yourself on the to-do list. Instead of cleaning the house, cleaning the door, read a book, have breakfast in bed and take a walk in the park. Take care of yourself more.

Say it:Confide in things that scare you and worry about your best friend. Always talk to your husband openly and you will receive sincerity from your husband.

Establish support: Negative emotions whether spoken or not have an effect on the child in the abdomen. So it's important to find a loved one or a sympathetic friend, to help me get out of unhappy thoughts.

Relaxation :Pregnant women are often advised to listen to reading things in the morning so that babies born will have the same thoughts and thoughts. To regain your composure, listen to a classic every day. In addition, it is possible to spend 30 minutes thinking about good things. Resting and getting enough sleep also helps the mood to be better, fresher.

Establish healthy eating habits: Maintain a scientific lifestyle and divide many small meals, eat regularly to ensure enough nutrition for both mother and child, and also help pregnant women feel healthy and full of vitality.

Eating dark chocolate :Research shows that eating small amounts of chocolate will help dispel the depression during pregnancy. muscle dilation and vascular expansion. Eating small pieces of chocolate is said to help reduce pre-production syndrome.

Regular workouts: Regular workouts and yoga both help keep fit and help the spirit develop in a positive way. If instructed by a professional yoga practitioner, the pregnant woman will better prepare for labor and relieve stress.

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