Application of shoulder articulsion in the diagnosis and treatment of sticky inflammation (freezing) of the shoulder joint

Laparoscopic surgery in general and shoulder artoscopy in particular are currently developing and widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder joint diseases. In particular, shoulder articulscopy for the treatment of stiffness of the shoulder joint is inlet when other treatments are ineffective such as taking analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

1. What is shoulder artoscopy?

Shoulder artoscopy is a technique that allows doctors to observe the structure inside the shoulder joint to examine, diagnose and treat diseases or injuries that cause shoulder joint damage including ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joints.

Initially, the person is given anesthesia to cut a small line on the skin. From this small line, a scopoid solution is pumped into the shoulder joint with the effect of clarifying the image during an endoscopy. After that, the endoscopy is inserted and shows the entire image inside the shoulder joint. Based on the image of the endoscopy, the doctor will check to diagnose or treat the appropriate condition of the lesion.

2. Application of shoulder articcopy in diagnosis of shoulder joint freezing

The shoulder joint is a complex structure consisting of the collarbone, shoulder blades, arm bones, crowns. To move, surround the joints with synapses, joint covers and muscle tendons. In shoulder joint diseases, inflammation (freezing) of the joint is a contraction and thickening of the shoulder joint, causing pain and limiting movement to degrees from mild to severe.

If other imaging techniques such as X-rays are applied, the lesions inside the joint will not be clearly visible. Therefore, shoulder articulscopy is a modern and advanced technique that allows the correct diagnosis of lesions and inflammations inside the joints, thereby helping doctors navigate the appropriate treatment.

Shoulder artoscopy

Shoulder articcopy is more effective at diagnosis than X-rays

3. Endoscopy for shoulder arthritis

There are many treatments for shoulder arthritis, freezing shoulder joints including medical treatment of corticoid injections to relieve pain and anti-inflammatory, practicing physical therapy. However, sticky inflammation, freezing the shoulder joint is a disease that has many difficulties in treatment. Because in addition to analgesic, anti-inflammatory treatment, it is necessary to perform surgery to eliminate freezing, joint adhesion, from which the joint function is restored.

In the following cases, laparoscopic surgery for shoulder arthritis will be inleted to remove sticky inflammation and release the shoulder joint:

  • Sticky inflammation, prolonged stiffness of the shoulder joint (more than 4 months).
  • Not responding to medical and physical therapy (treatment has been applied for about 3-6 months).
  • Severe progressive disease causes stiffness of the joints, inedlerable.

Laparoscopic techniques for the treatment of shoulder arthritis are carried out as follows:

  • Arm nerve anesthesia
  • Local corticoid injections
  • The doctor perform procedures such as bending the shoulder joint to dilate the joint, helping to increase the movement of the joint.
  • After surgery, patients are treated for analgesic, anti-inflammatory and rehabilitation exercises using physical therapy.

4. Advantages of shoulder articcopy

Compared to open surgery, shoulder artoscopy has advantages such as:

  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery time
  • Low risk of complications
  • Low bleeding risk
  • Meet treatment goals

Shoulder artoscopy

Recovery time with shoulder articcopy will be faster

Shoulder articulsion has been widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder osteoarthritis, including sticky inflammation, stiffness of the joints. This method brings high therapeutic effect and helps patients recover joint function early.

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