Should benign breast fibroids be operated on?

Benign breast fibroids, also known as glandular fibroids, are benign mammary glands, often without harm or danger to life. However, this condition can be unpleasant or uncomfortable for some women. Many women with mammary glands have fibrosis but will not have any symptoms. So should benign breast fibroids be operated on?

1. What is benign breast fibroids?

Benign breast fibroids have a number of dense, hormone-sensitive tumors, especially estrogen, derived from the mesthetic muscle structures located near the milk tubes outside the lobes. This tumor invades the surrounding tissues, pushing these tissues aside without invading them. Mammary fibroids are usually not harmful, however can cause discomfort to women.

Benign breast fibroids do no harm to the woman

Benign breast fibroids can cause discomfort for patients

2. Symptoms of mammary fibroids

Benign breast fibroids may show no manifestations, detected only by chance when the mass is palpable in the breast. The following symptoms may also appear:

  • Swelling in the breast.
  • More sensitive breasts are sometimes accompanied by pains.
  • Breast tissue is thicker.
  • Feel the appearance of hard mass in one or both breasts.
  • May feel pain under the arm. Some women have green or dark brown secreties from the nipples.

Clinical examination of typical mammary fibroths is usually round or long lobe, clearly limited, strong density, about 1 – 5cm in diameter, relative mobility, so it can be slightly shifted, when pressed on the neighboring skin will see a pronounced tickness. These tumors are often detected by chance. But there are also cases after surgery to remove fibrous gland tumors for months or years when the tumor is detected right there or even in another breast.

These symptoms may be exacerbated at the beginning of the menstrual cycle due to changes in hormones, however in some people there may be these symptoms throughout the month. Fibroids in the breast tend to change in size throughout the month and are usually moving. If there is more fibroses, the tumors can be fixed in one place.

The a mentioned symptoms can also be a sign of breast cancer, so if an abnormal mass is detected in the breast it is necessary to see a doctor for timely detection of the disease.

3. Risk factors for benign breast fibroids

  • Women between the ages of 20 and 50.
  • Women use estrogen-containing drugs such as contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy.

Contraceptive pills risk increasing benign fibroids

Drugs containing estrogen increase risk of benign breast fibroids

4. Benign treatments for breast fibroids

If the fibrox glands < 2cm và không đau thì bác sĩ chỉ cần theo dõi bằng khám lâm sàng, siêu âm và nhũ ảnh khi đã xác định chính xác bằng sinh thiết nhờ kim nhỏ (FNAC).

Monitoring, symptomatic treatment, lifestyle changes: Most women with mammary fibroids do not need invasive treatment. Home treatments to relieve pain and associated discomfort, may use painkillers, warm compresses, or cold compresses that can help improve symptoms. Besides, some people find that limiting the amount of caffeine, eating a low-fat diet or taking essential fatty acid supplements helps relieve the symptoms of mammary fibroids.

Surgical dissection: If the fibro >3cm, it is possible to minor surgery, surgery in the areola to keep the aesthetics. After the dissection surgery can be re-reconstructed depending on the location of each person.

Treatments for mammary fibro gland tumors do not leave scars as bad as surgery to remove the tumour. It is a method of burning with cold heat or burning with high frequency waves. The doctor will use an ultrasound probe to determine the exact location of the tumor and then put too low or too high a temperature directly into the tumor that destroys the tumor cell. This method requires only local anesthesia. But note, burning cold heat, the tumor does not lose immediately, but it will atrophy over time. The use of any treatment requires the advice of a specialist to avoid accidents.

Currently, Share99 International Health Hub applies benign breast tumor removal treatment with a bio-technique with the support of vacuum equipment under the guidance of ultrasound (VABB) has opened a new direction to overcome the disadvantages of traditional surgical methods. Thanks to this method, instead of having to open surgery to remove the tumor as before, the doctor just needs to insert the VABB machine needle to cut the tumor and suck out the tumor. The patient will be less painful and leave no scars. Especially without causing breast deformity, no hospitalization required. Patients do not need to suffer many incisions to get the tumor, but only 1 needle piercing is able to handle the tumors, even treat multiple tumors at the same time.

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