Does the membrane capacitor run out on its own? What should women do?

Article by Master, Dr. Tran Thi Thu Ha – Obstetrics department – Share99 Times City International Health Hub

The capacitors under the culture membrane (under the diaphragm) usually occur during the first 3 months of pregnancy, the dosing and treatment of the underground fluid capacitor completely varies depending on the nature of the fluid capacitor problem.

1. Does the membrane capacitor run out on its own?

  • Biologically nourishing diaphragm capacitors

It is common in the first 1-2 weeks of pregnancy to nest in the uterus. This period when the ultrasound of the gestational sac is equivalent to about 4-6 weeks, there is little fluid under the culture membrane, however, the fluid properties are usually clear, the maternity usually has no symptoms of abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding and no treatment will cure itself.

  • Pathology membrane capacitors

Pathology membrane capacitors are a consequence of the peeling of the cake or rupture of the vascular sinuses at the edge of the vegetable cake, forming a hematoma between the culture membrane and the muscles of the uterus accounting for about 3% in the first 3 months of pregnancy among the total number of pregnant women.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

Features on ultrasound: The sound-reducing area or sound drum (with sickle-shaped blood fluid properties) is located next to the fetal sac, sometimes peeling off part of the placenta. Because in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta is not tightly attached, so it is more likely to peel off if the bleeding does not hold.

Clinical: Women often have symptoms of abdominal pain and may have symptoms of vaginal bleeding.

Diaphragm Capacitors

Membrane capacitors on ultrasound images

Preginal: Unsealed hematoma increases the risk of miscarriage, stillstill pregnancy as well as an increased risk of premature calving, young peeling vegetables and young ruptured amniotic fluid.

When diagnosed with pericardous capacitors,pregnant women should not be too worried, pregnant women should see an obstetrician for advice and take prescription medications, it is not recommended to self-treat according to the individual's inferentry. Following a diet rich in vitamins, fiber, protein along with a proper resting regime will help the process of recovery faster.

Pregnant women will take medications prescribed by the doctor, depending on the pregnancy of end noisormonal drugs, reducing contractions, stopping bleeding will be recommended to use to stop the bleeding process as well as help the fetal vegetable cake grow firmly attached to the muscles of the uterus.

Influenza during pregnancy

Membrane capacitors need early treatment

Membrane condensation can occur during the first 3 months of pregnancy, which is also the most sensitive time during pregnancy. In order for the mother and baby to be healthy, parents should note:

  • Understand early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy poisoning, bleeding during pregnancy.
  • The first pregnancy examination is timely, correct and sufficient, avoiding the examination too early / too late.
  • Screening for fetal malformations at the 12th week detects dangerous fetal malformations that can intervene early.
  • Distinguishes the usual vaginal bleeding and pathology vaginal bleeding for timely pregnancy retention intervention.
  • Screening for thyroid disease in the first 3 months of pregnancy avoids dangerous risks before and during childbirth.

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