Reclining uterus: Things to know

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The uterus reclines first, reclines behind or can also be in an intermediate position, depending on the structure of each woman's body. The reclining or reclining uterus does not affect fertility much. However, many women still worry that the problem of reclining uterus is easy to lay?

The uterus is a part of the woman's genitals. The uterus is not only a place for fertilized eggs, nesting and nourishing the fetus, but also has a lot of roles for women's health.

1. What is a reclining uterus?

The reclining uterus is the phenomenon of the body of the uterus reclining forward, leaning towards the abdominal wall quite a lot compared to the axis of the uterus. The majority of women have a reclining uterus and this phenomenon does not affect the health of women.

2. Causes of reclining uterus

  • The reclining uterus is only a natural phenomenon, which is one of the manifestations of the uterus;
  • In rare special cases, pregnancy and childbirth in women can alter the shape of the uterus, or cause the uterus to recline more than usual;
  • Sometimes surgery or endometriosis is also the cause of the uterus reclining too much. A study has shown that women who give birth to a cesarean section may have more reclining uterus.

3. Symptoms of the reclining uterus

  • Most cases of pre-reclining uterus have no symptoms. Only when the uterus reclines too much will it create pressure and cause pain in the pelvic abdomen;
  • The reclining uterus also does not affect the sex life and does not cause any pain or abnormalities during sex.

Reclining uterus: Things to know

Images of the uterus reclining in front and reclining

4. Diagnosis of reclining uterus

The reclining uterus is diagnosed by an internal examination of the vagina or ultrasound, or it is also possible to combine both ways to determine the location of the uterus:

  • When examining the inside of the vagina, doctors will see or feel the vagina, ovaries, uterus, uterus and abdomen, thereby detecting abnormalities;
  • Ultrasound is a method of using high-frequency sound waves, capable of regenerating the image inside the body and helping the doctor to observe the shape, location as well as direction of the uterus.

5. Is the reclining uterus easy to lay?

Many women often wonder if the reclining uterus is easy to lay. In fact, studies have in turned out that the location of the uterus does not affect the movement of sperm that meets the egg. In rare cases, if the uterus reclines first or the uterus reclines too much to affect the ability to conceive, surgery may be required at this time.

In addition, in a few cases, after birth, the uterus will change shape and may change its position towards the original side.

The reclining uterus is a normal phenomenon, which does not affect the sex life, the ability of pregnancy and childbirth or the overall health of women. The reclining uterus also does not require treatment because it is not painful, except in cases that affect the ability to conceive.

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