Double uterus and risk of miscarriage

Double uterus is a rare case of uterus malformation in females. Women with a double uterus can still get pregnant and give birth normally, however they are prone to serious complications during pregnancy, such as premature birth, still still life, difficulty giving birth, miscarriage or even infertility.

1. What is a double uterus?

The uterus is otherwise known as the uterus, this is a female genital and is an empty internal organ with an upside-down pear shape. Usually each female will have one uterus, two proboscis, two ovaries and one vaginal line. However, women with birth defects may have two uterus (double uterus). This is a very rare case of congenital abnormalities, in the thousands even millions of new people have one sufferer. The double uterus is typical for abnormalities in the uterus, including a circular uterus, malformation of the uterus or a two-horned uterus.

The double uterus will have two separate uterus chambers, each of which can lead to the uterus and vagina. That is, women with a double uterus will have two uterus, two separate vaginas along with two ovulation tubes.

Pregnant women with twin uteruses cause the arterial branches that nourish the fetus to disperse, in addition, the narrowing of the uterus and the uterus have difficulty in contracting will lead to miscarriage, still still life, delayed fetus,fetal malnutrition or premature birth.

2. Causes of double uterus

The double uterus is a malformation in the uterus, which usually occurs when the fetus is growing in the womb. Throughout the development of the embryo, the uterus of the fetus will be formed thanks to the merger of two parallel duc ducs, thereby forming a hollow organ that is the uterus. If this merger process does not face any difficulties or obstacles, it will form a completely normal and healthy uterus. Cons, abnormalities during mergers can lead to a double-horned uterus or a double uterus.

The cause of this non-complete merger has not yet been determined. However, according to experts, one of the main causes of this rare uterus abnormality is genetic factors.

Women with a double uterus usually have a cervical, one vagina or each ovarian with a separate cervical. In some cases, the double uterus will appear a septum along the vagina and divide the vagina into two separate reclining reclinings.

Although this is a rare congenital malformation in the uterus, it makes it less difficult for women during pregnancy. That is, women with double uterus can still get pregnant and give birth as usual. However, abnormalities can cause a number of complications such as a high risk of miscarriage, slow development of the fetus, premature birth or even infertility.

Double uterus ultrasound

The double uterus is a malformation in the uterus, which usually occurs when the fetus is developing in the womb

3. Effects of double uterus and risk of miscarriage

If there are no medical or obstetric complications, this abnormality in the uterus will show no symptoms, so it will be difficult for you to tell if you have a double uterus. To be aware of this condition, doctors need to perform pelvic examination and through regular photo tests.

Most women with double uterus are still comfortable enjoying the "husband and wife" life like any other woman. However, for women with a double uterus who are in the stages of pregnancy may encounter the following risks:

  • Difficult births: During pregnancy, the uterus contains a raised fetus, however the remaining uterus is only slightly larger than usual. Since the location of the non-pregnant uterus lies low, during labor it will make it difficult for the fetus to go out, causing difficulty giving birth. That is also why the rate of cesarean section in people with double uterus is higher than usual. In fact, there are still women who have twin uteruses through vaginal falls if the fetus is small and the other uterus does not interfere with the fetal way out.
  • Light pregnancy: usually, women with one uterus will have two arteries of the uterus that come to the blood supply. However, those with a double uterus have only 1 artery of the uterus that supplies blood to each uterus. Therefore, the amount of blood supplied to the fetus will be reduced, causing the risk of the fetus being underweight at birth.
  • Premature birth: because the uterus contains pregnancy in humans with a developed double uterus there are more limited than those with a uterus, which easily leads to premature birth.
  • Miscarriage :women with a double uterus rarely both uterus develop completely. When the pregnancy nests in the uterus is not complete, the ability to retain the fetus will be very low. In addition, those who carry this malformed uterus will have a very narrow uterus, when the pregnancy is too large to be allowed, the uterus will have a mechanism for self-disposal of the fetus. These factors are the main cause of the risk of repeated miscarriages or premature births.

Double uterus ultrasound

Women with double uterus have a higher risk of miscarriage than usual

4. Methods of treatment of double uterus

If the double uterus does not cause any abnormal complications, you will not need to perform surgery. In the case, the test results show that there are two double uteruses along with two vaginas, the doctor may prescribe surgery to remove the septum that divides the vagina into two falls, in order to make it easier for the pregnant woman to give birth.

Another effective method of treating the double uterus is that the removal of the uterus does not work well. However, this method needs to be carefully considered before implementation because it is associated with end endal problems in females and can affect the blood supply to the uterus.

In addition, women who have a double uterus and are in pregnancy must pay special attention to pregnancy health because there is a high likelihood of risks such as abnormal pregnancies, fetuses with developmental delays due to narrow uterus, premature birth or even still still life. It is best to go to the doctor periodically so that your doctor can monitor you regularly and give you useful tips.

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