In what cases is it necessary to biosing the mammary glands under the instructions of ultrasound, radiogram?

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A mammogram is intended to remove some cells and survey whether neo neo-neolytic tumors are benign or malignant. Mammograms under the instructions of ultrasound, radiograms are carried out when the abnormal area in the breast is too small, palpation by hand is not pronounced.

1. The meaning of mammary gland bios

Other tumors or abnormalities of the breast are often detected thanks to examinations, ultrasounds, mammograms and other imaging surveys. However, these surveys can not always tell us whether these neolyc sinh tumors are benign or malignant.

Performing a breast biosy is aimed at taking out some cells – either through surgery or through a less invasive procedure from a suction needle – from a suspicious area of the breast and surveying them under a microscope to reach diagnosis.

2. Breast biosing under the instructions of ultrasound, in what cases is radiogram performed?

In fact, there are many cases where the tumor is too small, not palpable, making it difficult to remove the cell for a bioped. Many statistics show that about 50% of cases of breast cancer that are not palpable due to being too small have been detected on radiograms based on the appearance of micro-calcified nodules. In addition, about 80-90% of DCIS local in vi tubular cancer is manifested only by micro-calcified nodules without any mass damage attached.

At this time, breast biopsy under the instructions of ultrasound, radiogram is a better choice, can help doctors and technicians see the route of the biopsy needle, ensuring the most accurate extraction of suspected cells.

Under the instructions of ultrasound, one can conduct three tricks:

  • Poke with a small needle, using a very small needle to suck cells in the abnormal area
  • Core bios using a needle with a large glass to remove a tissue sample after each poke
  • Positioning with a hook wire, placing a needle in the suspected area helps the surgeon locate the lesion during a biopical operation.

Mammograms under X-rays are generally in place for suspected malignant mammary gland lesions (BIRADS 4) or suspected high malignanty (BIRADS 5) that are only visible or clearly visible on Mammography. Specific cases include:

  • Suspected micro-calcification lesions.
  • Mass lesions, asymmetrical lesions or areas of structural disorders are unknown on ultrasound.
  • If there are many suspected malignant lesions, a full biopical of the suspected lesions is required to fully assess the lesion, serving the treatment.

Breast lesion biosy

If there are multiple suspected malignant lesions, a full biosy of the suspected lesion is required to fully assess the lesion

3. Advantages of mammograms under the instructions of ultrasound, radiogram

Mammogram under the instructions of ultrasound

  • Compared to a surgical biosy, this procedure is gentler, less bleeding does not leave scars, and the duration of the procedure does not exceed 1 hour
  • Reliable tissue sampling to determine the benign or malignant properties of breast tumors.
  • Ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation.
  • Ultrasound helps to observe the needle route to the breast lesion area.
  • The biothoperable is deeply damaged, close to the chest wall that a triple positioning X-ray bio is difficult to perform.
  • Under-guided biopics of ultrasound are cheaper, faster than biopics under three-dimensional positioning x-rays.
  • Short recovery time, patients may soon return to normal activities.
  • The duration of this procedure should not exceed 1 hour. The patient is completely conscious during the bios biosy so may feel a little uncomfortable or a little sore. Do not leave scars on the breast.

Mammogram under X-ray instructions

A mammogram under X-ray guidance may use a core bios or a bios bios that support vacuum. However, a biop biopy with vacuum support is still considered the standard option due to the ability to obtain more lesions, including nodules – micro-calcified clusters.

In particular, for patients with breast lesions classified from BIRADS 3 to BIRADS 5, the sub-X-ray bios with a vacuum assist system with extremely high sensitivity and specificity, the error is almost inconsible.

4. Some notes when biosing the mammary glands under the instructions of ultrasound, radiograms.

Breast lesion biosy

If anti-blood clots are used, the drug should be discontinued within 3 days prior to the bioped
  • Patients will have to take off their wear and sometimes remove some jewelry that may interfere with the biopede biopede setting.
  • Patients should inform their doctor about their current health status as well as the medications they are taking, allergies if any, especially for anesthetics.
  • If anti-blood clots are used,the above drug should be discontinued within 3 days before the biosy.
  • After a biopy, if painful, the patient can use common analgesic.
  • Sometimes, patients may have swelling and bruising due to skin bleeding in the bio-area. However, this condition will quickly run out, the patient should not be too worried. The patient must only inform the doctor if the biopsy area is swollen, bleeding, red discharge, or prolonged heat on the side of the breast biopsy.
  • It is recommended to have relatives or friends with you and take the patient home after the procedure is complete.

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