In which case it is necessary to prescribe stitching of the cervical collar?

Article by Dr Pham Thi Tuyet Mai – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub.

Cervical cleft is a condition where the cervical waist thins out and opens before the pregnancy is large enough for the baby to be born. This is one of the causes of sudden miscarriage in women. Cervical sewing is a procedure to stitch a circle around the cervical to narrow the hole in the uterus, safely protect the fetus in the abdomen, avoid miscarriage and premature birth.

1. What is cervical sewing?

Cervical sewing is a treatment when the pregnant woman has a cervical waist cleft, preterm birth prevention or consecutive miscarriage. Sutures of the cervical necklace will be performed when the fetus is 37-38 weeks old, or when the pregnant woman shows signs of labor.

Causes of miscarriage

Uterus stitches in place when a woman has a consecutive miscarriage

2. Intraining and contrain specifying of cervical sewing techniques

In designing cervical sewing:

  • Diagnosis of open uterus
  • Have a history of cervical stitches
  • Have suffered two or more miscarriages of unknown cause.
  • In some special cases: twin pregnancies, multiple pregnancies with a cervical length of less than 25 mm.

Contraint of sutures of the cervical ring:

  • The uterus has contractions; fetuses >24 weeks; pregnancy.
  • Bleeding from the uterus
  • Amnioticitis, amniotic infection
  • Young ruptured amniotic fluid
  • Fetal abnormalities
  • Acute genital inflammation.

Handling when the fetus is in the shoulder

Do not stitch the cervical ring when the fetus is more than 24 weeks old

3. What is the best time to perform cervical waist stitches?

The time of stitching the cervical waist is usually from weeks 16 – 20 of pregnancy. It is best to stitch the cervical waist between weeks 16 -18, avoiding miscarriages before being intervened.

By the 37th – 38th week of pregnancy, the patient will have sutures removed to be ready for normal childbirth. If the patient shows signs of premature birth, it is possible to carry out a cut only earlier to avoid a laceration or rupture of the cervical neck.

4. Normal manifestations after technical performance

After stitching the cervical waist,the patient will be rested for about 3 days at the medical facility so that the doctor monitors the bleeding, contractions of the uterus, rupture of the amniotic fluid.

After about 4-6 hours of performing waist stitches, the doctor will remove the gauze.

Pregnant women will be treated with antibiotics and anti-contraction of the uterus

What to do when the maternity has post-birth bleeding?

Pregnant women are monitored for 3 days at a medical facility before being sent home

5. After performing the technique, the following manifestations are abnormal and need to be re-examined immediately?

  • There is a contraction of the uterus
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Amniotic fluid

Currently, vinmec system has implemented this technique and has reduced the premature birth rate significantly because maternity is monitored periodically from the 12-week maternity package, early diagnosis of cervical waist, and timely treatment.

Share99 International Health Hub currently has a full maternity service as a solution to help pregnant mothers feel secure because there is a team of doctors throughout the pregnancy. When choosing a full-service maternity, a pregnant woman can:

  • The pregnancy process is monitored by a team of highly specialized doctors
  • Regular examination, early detection of abnormalities
  • Package maternity for the convenience of childbirth
  • Infants receive comprehensive care

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