Before the pregnancy ultrasound is eaten?

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Fetal ultrasound is one of the necessary sub-clinical techniques during pregnancy as it can assess the development of the fetus located in the womb. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the information such as whether pregnancy ultrasound is eaten, is the first pregnancy ultrasound fasting … to prepare for the conduct of pregnancy ultrasound is best.

1. When is the best pregnancy ultrasound?

Fetal ultrasound is a technique that can record images of fetuses developing in the womb during pregnancy, from which it is possible to monitor the development of the baby as well as promptly detect abnormal signs and have appropriate treatment methods. Some important diseases and fetal ultrasound can detect that it is an intra-uterus, placenta striker,fetal malformations … are very dangerous and potentially life-threatening diseases of both the mother and the fetus. Currently, there are a number of ultrasound techniques applied that are using an ultrasound probe inserted into the mother's abdomen for examination and using an ultrasound probe inserted into the mother's urethra for examination.

when pregnancy ultrasound is possible

Fetal ultrasound can help detect many important mage and fetal diseases

In fact, when pregnancy ultrasound is best as well as how long to get pregnant, ultrasounds are very common questions of women during pregnancy. Some important ultrasound times that the woman needs to perform during pregnancy are:

  • First 12-14 weeks: Ultrasound during this period will determine the age of the fetus and measure the opacity behind the neck to detect chromochromochromia abnormalities in the body that suggest children with a number of diseases such as Down syndrome, heart deformities,diaphragm hernias …
  • 21-24 weeks: This is the period of pregnancy ultrasound that can find signs of shape abnormalities, namely signs of cleft lip,cleft palate , abnormalities in internal organs.
  • 30-32 weeks: In the last weeks of pregnancy, pregnancy ultrasound can detect a number of diseases such as arterial abnormalities, heart abnormalities, slow development of the uterus that are at risk of pregnancy failure,post-birth asphyxiation … In addition, during this time, the fetus has developed a lot so that when the fetal ultrasound can know the location of the fetus in the womb to be able to prepare for birth in the most favorable way. Besides, pregnancy ultrasound in the last weeks also shows the weight of the pregnancy, the location of the cake, the indicators of amniotic fluid… to be able to give the best calving.

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2. Is an ultrasound of the pregnancy eaten?

Pregnancy ultrasound techniques are usually performed when the pregnant woman visits medical facilities for a scheduled pregnancy examination that the obstetrician tells her, so during the examination will usually be prescribed with other tests such as blood tests, urine tests

For pregnancy ultrasound techniques, pregnant women can still eat normally, however, to ensure accurate results, it is necessary to limit the use of products containing stimulants such as beer, alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks with gas, juice …. When the pregnancy ultrasound is before the 10th week, the woman needs to drink a lot of water, fasting so that when the ultrasound is ultrasound, the bladder will be filled with water and give a clearer ultrasound image. When going for an ultrasound, it is also recommended to wear spacious and airy outfits so that the ultrasound process is carried out smoothly and quickly.

Pregnancy ultrasound should drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy ultrasound before the 10th week helps to better picture the fetus

3. Is the first ultrasound fasting?

There are many cases where a woman after sex has signs of pregnancy such as vomiting, nausea, or trying with a pregnancy test stick, she sees two lines … should have visited medical facilities to perform tests to check if there is a pregnant body, including an ultrasound test. Since this is the first pregnancy ultrasound to check if the pregnancy is really pregnant, there is no need for fasting in this case, however before the ultrasound it is still necessary to drink plenty of water, fasting so that the bladder is tense, which is a favorable condition so that the ultrasound waves can go faster and interact with the fetus better , which will result in clearer and more accurate results.

Whether a pregnancy ultrasound is eaten as well as an ultrasound for the first time is not very common questions of women during pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the necessary knowledge, those foods that are not used before ultrasound as well as the most important times it is imperative to perform a pregnancy ultrasound in order to best prepare for birth.

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