Cold storage of eggs – Delaying pregnancy

Article by Master, Dr Huynh Ngan Khanh Linh – Obstetrician and Gynecologist – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Phu Quoc International Health Hub

The use of cold storage eggs to delay having children is not recommended because they do not bring high fertilization efficiency such as methods of freezing eggs and freezing sperm.

1. ASRM's citation of egg cold storage

" Cold storage of eggs allows the woman the opportunity to have a biological child later in life. The technique of cold storage of eggs appears to be an attractive strategy for this purpose. However, there is no data on the effectiveness of cold storage of eggs on the population and for this indication. Data on safety, efficiency, cost of treatment and the emotional risks of choosing cold storage eggs are not enough to recommend. Marketing this technology for the purpose of delaying childbirth can give a woman a false hope and encourage them to delay having children."

Even if you store a lot of eggs, you are not sure how many eggs will live when you defrost, how much will conceive and how much will be able to nest that develops into embryos. Procrastination until you have reached the age of reproduction but cold storage eggs do not live, at which point you have to ask for eggs. If you are younger, you will have more options.

Egg freezing

There is no accurate data on the effectiveness of egg freezing

As well as sperm storage,cold storage of eggs will cost a lot including medication, monitoring, smoking and annual egg storage. When you are ready to use those eggs, you have to pay the cost of defrosting, fertilizing, transferring the embryos and the cost to some other drugs.

If you are married or the person you intend to be your father and child, you should store the embryos, not the eggs. Storing eggs when you want to be a single mother or not identifying who will be your father and child. Storing embryos (fertilized eggs) for a higher success rate than egg storage.

If you are over 37 years old then it is not advisable to think about storing eggs unless you have no choice. Your eggs have begun to reduce the likelihood of fertilization. Higher successful egg storage for women under the age of 30.

Embryo screening

Storing embryos has a higher success rate than egg storage

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