Symptoms of acute hepatic impairment

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Acute hepatic impairment is a rare serious disease that can be life-threatening if not detected and treated in a timely manner. The article below helps you better understand this pathology.

1. What is acute hepatic impairment?

Acute hepatic impairment is a complex medical condition that appears after a harmful effect on the liver. Characteristic manifestations of liver failure are jaundice symptoms, blood clot disorders and progressive hepatic encephaular pathology for a short time in a previous patient with normal liver function.

2. Causes of acute liver failure

2.1. Causes of microorganisms

  • Hepatitis A, B, C, E viruses are the most common cause in Vietnam.
  • Other viruses: Cytomegalovirus, Herpes, Epstein Barr, chickenpox.
  • Bacteria: encountered in patients with severe bacterial infections and septic shock, the rate of liver damage and acute liver failure is up to 20-5%.
  • Parasites: malaria , liver flukes ,worms.

2.2. Due to poisoning

2.2.1. medicine

  • The most common is Paracetamol, even at the usual therapeutic dose in patients with alcoholism, or used in addition to cytochrome 450 enzyme-based conversion drugs such as anti-seizure drugs.
  • Other drugs: Isoniazide, Rifampicin, non-Steroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs, Sulphonamides, Phenytoin, Tetracycline, Allopurinol, Ketoconazole, IMAO …
  • Poisoning of traditional medicines, especially drug preserv preserving agents.

2.2.2. Types of mold

Typically Amianita phalloides fungus.

2.2.3. Other causes

  • Acute fatty liver syndrome in pregnant women.
  • Large embolis in the liver.
  • Reys syndrome.

3. Symptoms of acute hepatic impairment

Common clinical symptoms in patients with acute hepatic impairment include:

  • Characteristic symptoms: jaundice, fatigue, nausea.
  • Division of Lucke and Mallory: Divided into 3 stages:
    • Millions are the period without jaundice
    • Intermediate stage marked by the appearance of jaundice
    • The last stage with the manifestation of hepatic encephaular pathology.
  • Classic clinical classification: based on the distance from the manifestation of jaundice to the appearance of brain pathology.
    • Acute hepatic impairment: 7 days
    • Acute hepaticimpairment : 8 – 28 days
    • Hepatic impairment: 5 – 12 weeks.
  • Hepatic encephaity: plays a central role in the diagnosis of acute liver failure divided into 4 degrees:
    • Level I: changes in emotional state, decreased concentration and decreased motor psychiatric function, which can be stimulating.
    • Level II: sluggish, inappropriate behavior, and the ability to speak.
    • Degree III: worship, dis orientation, agitatation.
    • Degree IV: coma, may also respond to pain stimulation.

Patients may be prescribed some of the following tests, however none are specific.

To limit the progress of liver failure, patients need regular health checks, and it is necessary to follow the guidance of a doctor to achieve the best therapeutic effect. The hepatic and hepatic screening package implemented by Share99 International Health Hub from standard to advanced will help customers check, monitor and assess health status.

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