Are children sweating their heads a lot?

Children sweating their heads a lot is one of the very common cases, especially babies. Most cases are normal but this can also be a sign of a certain health problem that parents should be aware of.

1. What causes your baby to sweat his head

Medically, the purpose of sweating is to cool the body and in children, sweating early in the day or at night is often due to the effects of objective factors such as weather, dressing a lot, being too secretive in the room … Head sweating in children will show signs of complete reduction or loss when the child can regulate his temperature by coordinating the sympathetic nervous system with other muscles to create a balanced system for the body.

The majority of children sweating their heads a lot is a normal phenomenon that is nothing to worry about, the causes of this condition can be:

  • Because the nervous system does not have perfection

Structurally, the human nervous system is an incredibly complex network with cells and nerves, their task is to carry messages from the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body and vice versa, while controlling body temperature. In babies, the nervous system is still not complete and fully developed, so it is impossible to help regulate the body temperature of the child like an adult, thus causing the baby to sweat his head.

  • Due to the location of the sweat glands

For adults, sweat glands are not limited to any part of the body but for babies it is different, the child does not have many sweat glands in the armpits, while the sweat glands are most active on the head, so if the baby sleeps in a secret environment, without ventilation or much activity, he will sweat his head.

Location of sweat glands

Picture of the location of the sweat glands
  • Due to being breastfeeding

It is very common for babies to sweat their heads during breastfeeding because when breastfeeding, they will keep their heads in the same position for a certain period of time, so the arms will constantly transmit warmth to the baby, causing them to get hot and sweat their heads more.

  • The temperature in the room is too hot

Not only babies, but even adults are prone to sweating when in an overheated room. Therefore, for babies who are not able to control their own body temperature, it is understandable to sweat their heads while in a room with high temperatures. Not to mention that some mothers are afraid of their children getting cold, so they always wear thick clothes, shield their bodies from head to toe and put on extra blankets, causing them to sweat their heads a lot and get pimples.

2. Are children sweating their heads worrying?

In addition to some objective factors, children sweating their heads a lot or abnormal sweating is sometimes a warning sign of health problems, parents need to take precautions in some cases such as:

  • Children with heart problems

In case the child not only sweats his head when sleeping, but also sweats a lot while participating in simple activities, he may be having heart problems, be it congenitalheart disease , the reason for sweating is because the heart has to work harder to complete the blood pumping task.

  • Children with increased sweat glands

If the child is in a room with a stable, cool temperature and still sweats profusely, it is most likely that the child has increased sweat glands, although this condition can be self-ingested as the child grew up or parents can teach them how to control sweat to avoid affecting daily life.

  • Sleep apnea syndrome

This can also be the cause of more sweating of the head, more common in premature babies born prematurely lacking months, accompanied by wheezing, blue skin, this syndrome will make the child uncomfortable.

Children sweat a lot

Children who have a lot of sweating affect their daily lives

3. Treatment of head sweating in babies and young children

Regarding treatment options for head sweating in babies and young children, specialists recommend the following measures to parents:

  • It is necessary to adequately replenish the child with vitamin D, being able to take advantage of the early morning sun. However, when sunbathing your child, it is necessary to give him a regular bath, before 8 am, and if winter is about 9 to 10 hours, each bath is about 15 to 30 minutes. When sunbathing, do not let the sunlight shine directly on the baby's head and eyes because the ultraviolet light is quite strong.
  • Keep your child's body cool, spacious and airy bedroom
  • Clean your baby's body and replenish adequate water
  • Do not let the child be frightened when sleeping and before sleep do not eat full.
  • If your child sweats a lot of head and back, use a soft towel to wipe off sweat to help her avoid colds.
  • Give your child a proper diet with a variety of cool, sweet and nutritious vegetables and fruits.
  • The child must be taken to the doctor as soon as abnormalities of the child's head sweating are detected.

Although head sweating in babies is quite common, if the child sweats his head too much, he should not be taken to the hospital for examination to rule out unwanted health problems.

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