Children eat supplements according to each age: From 9-12 months

The diet of the baby from the first years of life is extremely important. It is extremely important to provide adequate nutrients as well as suitable for your baby's age and development status. Parents are the friends who will accompany the baby in the process of nutritional supplements. At each age, your baby's menu will vary to provide adequate nutrition for her to grow up.

1. Babies from 9 months – 12 months eat miles

From 9 to 12 months is the stage when the baby can already eat a variety of food. In addition to breastfeeding or bottle feeding directly with a frequency of 3-4 times / day during this age, parents should prepare more diverse nutritional supplements for their babies.

The addition of a variety of food sources, on the one hand, helps the baby later have a richer diet, on the other hand, helping him develop comprehensively both mentally and healthly.

When at this stage, breast milk does not quite have an abundant source of iron, while the baby has a sufficient amount of iron reserves until the age of 8 months. So at this time, meat as a feed provides good nutrition and iron supplements for babies. We can feed the child with meat at the age of 9-12 months.

Baby 9 months eating miles

We can feed the child with meat at the age of 9-12 months

2. What can 9 – 12-month-olds eat?

Your baby's diet should be supplemented with stewed or minced meats or porridge stews with meats and vegetables. Many parents mistakenly believe that just stewing bones for water for their babies has provided enough nutrition, at this stage, it is advisable to feed the child both meat, fish, vegetables. Bone cellar water alone will not fully replenish the necessary substances for children from 9 to 10 months of age.

A small suggestion for parents, it is recommended to stew a separate pot of porridge, each meal, it is possible to scoop out porridge for more meat, fish, vegetables and a little cooking oil. This is a method to help children eat well and replenish their nutrients. However, when preparing the menu for children, mothers should check and measure the norm of each type of meat or fruit. Only 1 meat per week should be fed, about 3 tablespoons/3 tablespoons/day, stewed and finely ground lean meat

Baby 9 months eating miles

Parents should stew a separate pot of porridge, each meal, can scoop out porridge for more meat, fish, vegetables and a little cooking oil

The amount of fruits or vegetables in the child's diet increases to 3 tablespoons, 3 times a day. It is possible to replenish eggs every week, but only feed the child red lenses ,until the baby is 1 year old because some babies are sensitive to egg whites.

Here's an example, a hint of a mileage menu for 9-12-month-olds for mothers with milk:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Eat 3 meals of 10% flour a day. 200ml per meal
    • Rice flour:10g
    • Water: 200ml
    • Minced pork:10g
    • Greens:10g
    • Cooking oil:5g
  • Fruits : 60ml

Thus, it can be seen that at the age of 9-12 months, babies can eat a variety of dishes from red meat, vegetables, fruits. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the rich addition of baby food. Because, "good children sleep well" is the great happiness of parents.

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