Learn about modern methods: Repair two-leaf valves through the cathethe tube (Mitra clip) at Share99

The article was consulted professionally by ThS.BS Pham Thanh Van – Head of Cardiovascular Intervention Unit, Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

Repair of 2-leaf valves through cathe tubes (Mitraclip) is a treatment for open 2-leaf valves for patients with severe open heart valves, helping them quickly recover to return to normal life. Currently, doctors at Share99 Times City International Health Hub's cardiologist center have mastered this modern treatment.

1. Overview of 2-leaf valve open disease

2-leaf valve open disease is one of the most common heart valve diseases. A 2-leaf valve is a heart valve that helps the blood flow one way from the left atrium to the left atrium. 2-leaf valve opening is a condition where the heart valve is closed, causing the blood flow to reflux again, the left atrium during blood circulation. This condition causes the left cardiac to increase the squeeze to maintain the amount of blood pumped away in the body and will gradually lead to dilated left atath. And the fact that the heart has to pump more easily leads to the riskof arrhythmias, heart failure, stroke , which are the leading causes of death in the elderly.

The 2-leaf valve opening is classified into 2 main types: primary (open valve derived at the heart valve organization) and primary (open valve of functional origin). Specifically, the original 2-leaf open heart valve is caused by a change in the structure of the heart valve. The second mitral valve is opened when the heart valve is not damaged, but the damaged heart leads to adverse effects on the functioning of the heart valve.

2. How to treat 2-leaf valve opening?

Mitraclip is a method of clamping 2 sides of the open heart valve into figure 8

Mitraclip is a method of clamping 2 sides of the open heart valve into figure 8

Surgery is one of the main treatments for 2-leaf valves. However, not all patients are suitable for this method. In fact, many patients are not strong enough to undergo surgeries, especially the elderly or people suffering from some other disease. With drug treatments, it is usually only possible to treat symptoms, not to completely prevent the progress of the disease.

Therefore, new treatments for diseases with better efficiency, less risk such as interventions to repair 2-leaf valves through cathethees (Mitra clip) have been applied increasingly popular. Mitraclip is widely applied in the world for the treatment of primitive and second-line mitral valve openings for patients who are unable to operate because of concerns about the risk of complications or death.

3. What is the method of repairing a 2-leaf valve through a cathethe pipe (Mitraclip)?

Repair 2-leaf valve through Mitra Clip cathethe

Method of repairing 2-leaf valve through cathethe pipe (Mitra Clip)

Mitraclip is a new treatment for mitral open heart valves by endocular intervention (via cathethetic). From just a small poke hole from the femoral vein, doctors will insert a small cathe tube into the heart along the vascular route. Next, the device clamps 2 edges of the open heart valve, forming a valve hole as figure 8 to prevent the blood flow from reflux into the left atrium chamber, helping the heart pump blood more effectively. As a result, this method of repairing 2-leaf valves helps to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life of the patient. In particular, throughout the intervention, the heart still works normally without the support of cardicardia – lungs. At the same time, patients treated with this method take an average of only about 3 days of hospitalization to be able to return to normal activities.

The method of repairing the 2-leaf valve through the catheity also allows the doctor to perform treatment as soon as the heart is beating, without the need for open heart surgery. Therefore, this therapy is very important for patients with severe mitral valve openings, who are prescribed surgery but are not suitable or do not qualify for surgery due to their weak condition or associated history of high-risk pathology.

4. Why fix the 2-leaf valve through the cathethe pipe at Share99?

Repair of 2-leaf heart valves through cathethe pipeline at Share99

Repair of 2-leaf heart valves through cathethe pipeline at Share99

Share99 Times City International Health Hub is not the only address to perform the technique of treating 2-leaf valves through cathethethe pipelines. However, Share99 Times City's cardiovascular center is worth choosing because it is the most modern facility, implementing Mitraclip with a high success rate (95%) – equivalent to the overall rate in the world. At the same time, the cost of repairing two-leaf valves with MitraClip at Share99 is also lower than the common ground of Vietnam and the world.

Not only that, patients will be repaired 2-leaf valves through the cathethetic system at Share99 in the Hybrid operating room with full of advanced equipment such as DSA anesthesia machines, anesthesia machines that integrate hemolytic monitoring software for patients in a strict way,… Therefore, Hybrid operating room can meet the technical requirements and intervention nong, put coronary stents, open heart surgery, replace heart valves congenital heart diseases with modern techniques, less invasive, safe, help patients recover soon.

In particular, the doctors treating 2-leaf valve repair through the Mitra clip cathe pipeline at Share99 are Dr. Pham Thanh Van,Dr. Nguyen VanPhong, Dr. Le Duc Hiep are trained directly by a team of foreign experts, ensuring solid and experienced expertise. Therefore, patients can be assured when treating 2-leaf valve open disease here.

The method of repairing 2-leaf valves through the cathethe tube (Mitra clip) at Share99 is the best option for patients with severe open heart valves, who want to intervene to treat diseases effectively, safely, less invasively.

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