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Article written by Dr. Yan Thi Yen – Ivf Lab Doctor – Center for Assisted Reproduction, Share99 Times City International Health Hub

Egg freezing is increasingly of interest today, thanks to the enormous benefits it brings such as preserving reproduction for cancer patients, delaying the time of pregnancy, donating ovules for humanitarian purposes,… Share99 Times City International Health Hub with its strengths in professional qualifications and outstanding medical equipment, is applying this method very effectively.

1. What is egg freezing (ovules)?

Egg freezing is a technique of preserving eggs in deep cold conditions with nitrogen vapor or liquid nitrogen, for long periods of time for later use.

2. How was the technique of freezing eggs (ovules) born?

Egg freezing techniques have been studied and applied in the world since the 80s of the twentieth century. The first baby born from frozen eggs was recorded in Australia in 1986. Previously, the preservation of reproduction was carried out mainly on sperm and embryos. This success has opened a new direction of development in the field of preservation of reproduction. More specifically, egg freezing proved superior to embryo freezing in moral, legal and religious aspects.

Egg freezing

Freezing eggs is carried out in deep cold conditions with nitrogen vapor or liquid nitrogen

However, egg cells have a ratio of surface area to a smaller total volume than embryonic cells, so it is difficult to store cold compared to embryos. At that time the egg freezing technique used was still slow freezing, the success rate was low. Studies also point to the negative effects of the freezing process on egg quality and fertilization results. The requirement is to find an effective freezing process.

The introduction of fast freezing – or vitrification – is an effective alternative to slow freezing, avoiding the formation of ice crystals in cells, improving post-defrost survival. Later, with the advent of ICSI technique combined with rapid freezing, the efficiency of egg freezing increased significantly, solving the cause of fertilization failure due to ZP membrane hardening when undergoing freezing.

3. Methods of freezing eggs

Currently, there are 2 main methods of cold storage of eggs:

  • Slow freezing or lowering of temperature according to theprogram: This method is no longer used in clinical practice, only applied in research;
  • Fast freezing or vitrificationmethod: This method is used in most in vi tube fertilization centers today. Share99 Times City International Health Hub is also applying this frozen method.

4. When to frozen eggs?

The main indicators of egg freezing today include: donating ovules, preserving reproduction for cancer patients, accumulating eggs to ICSI, delaying the time of pregnancy, freezing eggs according to social needs …

Currently, at Share99 Times City Health Hub, egg freezing is carried out according to the following indicators:

  • Active egg freezing:
    • Egg accumulation: For those cases patients reduce ovarian reserve;
    • Conservation of reproduction for cancer patients: When cancer patients undergo chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy will affect egg quality, causing structural abnormalities as well as the number of chroma. Therefore, in order to preserve reproduction for cancer patients, helping patients after stable treatment of the disease also have the opportunity to carry out their own healthy babies, the egg freezing process will be carried out before starting cancer treatment. This is a humanitarian solution and has been considered in advanced countries around the world;

When do you need cervical cancer screening?

Cancer patients need to have their eggs frozen before radiotherapy
    • Donations for humanitarian purposes;
    • Patients who want to delay the gestation period: In the development trend of society, in most countries women tend to get married late to spend time striving for a career. High m mother age is one of the causes of infertility. Therefore, actively preserving eggs at a young age (before 35) will create conditions for women to still have the opportunity to get pregnant at the age of over 35 with embryos created from the ovules of the previous frozen ovules.
  • Dynamic egg freezing: When the patient does not have a sperm sample (can not ionis, does not get sperm through surgery)

5. Egg freezing process at Share99

Customers wishing to store eggs when coming to Share99 Times City International Health Hub will go through the following steps:

  • Clients receive clinical examinations and necessary tests in advance to assess the patient's condition and select appropriate treatments;
  • Customers may have to use ovarian stimulants to increase the number of eggs (this in dinh is depending on the customer), or simply monitor the natural cycle;
  • Poke the eggs;
  • Eggs after poking out will be preliminary assessment of the quality in er erm. Only adult eggs are eligible for cold storage;
  • Adult eggs will be frozen using glassing techniques and long-term storage in liquid nitrogen.

6. Why frozen eggs at Share99 Times City?

Share99 Assisted Reproduction Center

Share99 Times City Birth Support Center is the most modern reproduction center in Vietnam

Birth Support Center – Share99 Times City International Health Hub provides customers who are in need of storing eggs the best medical experience, accompanied by 6-star quality of service with the following outstanding advantages:

  • As the most modern assisted reproduction center in Vietnam, fully equipped with the most modern means to support egg freezing;
  • A team of doctors, embryonic specialists, professional and world-class technicians, regularly trained to update knowledge in the us, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Korea,…;
  • Egg stimulation regimens are always individualized each patient to optimize the effectiveness of treatment;
  • The fertilization rate of frozen eggs does not differ from that of fresh eggs;
  • The procedure of poking eggs is quick, painless;
  • Customers are fully consulted about the steps that will have to be taken when freezing eggs, which are provided with all the necessary information about the condition of the eggs being stored.
  • Customers are always accompanied by doctors and specialists in the planning of treatment.

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