Learn about empathy in women

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If you have signs such as no longer feeling a desire to have sex or fear of having sex, you are most likely experiencing sexual empathy. Empathy not only causes women to lose interest in "it" but also the risk of affecting their daily life as well as family happiness.

1. What is empathy in women?

Empathy is the phenomenon of a woman having no interest in sexual behavior, in some cases feeling disgusted with sex even though it is a husband or lover. Empathy makes women "un interested" in sex and often in a state of indulging their husbands for proper obligations.

2. How to recognize empathy in women?

In order to recognize empathy, it is necessary to rely on such signs as: during many sexual activities, undergoing stimulation with caress, provocative, kissing, genital contact … women still do not see euphoria, the female does not have blood, the vagina also does not have a "reaction" to excreting, it can be said that there is no sexual sensation or basically loss of desire.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

3. Causes of empathy in women

There are two main causes of empathy:

  • Due to pathology:
    • The woman has genital defects such as a narrow vagina or too short, due to the baby's penis or a thick hymen;
    • Due to female hormone deficiencies such as estrogen in menopause;
    • Due to gynecologic diseases, urinary tract inflammation, diabetes mellitus, hypertension …
  • Psychological causes: Psychological factors account for up to 90% of the causes of empathy in women:
    • Common problems such as conflicts in husband and wife relationships, family, changes in life such as childbirth, accommodation changes, difficulties in life, women under a lot of pressure in the family …;
    • Prolonged feelings, claiming that they have defects that do not satisfy their husbands, feel raped …;
    • Due to the lack of basic knowledge in sex, religious influences, sad memories in sexual relations; anger, fear;
    • Due to male addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling; distraction, lack of responsibility to the family, lack of basic knowledge of sexual activity …

Learn about empathy in women

Psychological factors account for up to 90% of the causes of empathy in women

4. How to overcome empathy?

  • With pathology: The wife needs to go to the hospital to be examined and treated by specialists;
  • With empathy due to psychological factors: Husband's cooperation is required. First, the couple needs to share frankly about why their wives have reduced their libido. The husband needs to confide gently with his wife his feelings, always stand side by side with his wife for treatment; keep an optimistic attitude and spirit, do not blame, doubt or jealousy of your wife, avoid putting pressure on your bedding. Husband and wife can also visit a specialist for advice and find the best treatment to suit the economic and working circumstances of the family.

In short, empathy in women is a delicate issue, so sometimes it is difficult for women to share or seek support and advice. Therefore the role of the husband or sexual partner is extremely important. Depending on the cause of empathy, there are different treatment directions, the woman should see a doctor to take interventions, soon return to a normal life.

To prepare for a healthy pregnancy, both spouses should check for birth health from 3-5 months before pregnancy.

The wife should:

  • Vaccination before pregnancy (especially rubella prevention because rubella during pregnancy is extremely dangerous)
  • Genetic testing to screen for genetic diseases before pregnancy
  • Check for gynecologic inflammation that affects the health of mothers and fetuses
  • Especially women over 35 years of age who want to become pregnant (especially not yet pregnant) will have to have a very detailed health check because pregnancy at this age often has problems: Ovarian failure, premature birth, higher risk of fetal malformations, forward vegetables, pre-production.

The husband should:

  • Examination of reproduction health, detection of testicular atrophy, weak physical weakness, weak sperm …
  • The most sexually transmitted diseases are those that cannot be cured extremely dangerously

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