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Vaginal uterus removal is a surgical surgery to remove the uterus completely vaginally used to treat a number of conditions that can affect the uterus.

1. Vaginal uterus shearing

Uterus removal is a surgical operation in surgical treatment, there are many treatments including:Vaginal removal of the uterus, removal of the uterus through laparoscopy of the abdominal wall, and removal of the uterus through an incision in the abdomen.

Vaginal uterus removal is a medical treatment. To perform this surgery, the doctor will perform a cut inside the vagina and take the removed uterus out through the vaginal line.

Vaginal uterus removal does not leave scars such as laparoscopic surgery and abdominal surgery. However, not all cases are possible. After the removal, the uterus is taken out through the vagina.

2. In what cases is a vaginal cut of the uterus performed?

Vaginalorthectarosical surgery is performed to treat a number of conditions including:

  • Abdominal bleeding: When the patient is bleeding profly during menstruation or bleeding for unknown reasons. Bleeding can lead to anemia that leads to fatigue for the person.
  • Uterine fibroids: Are round, hard muscle tumors that are formed in the uterus. This tumor is too large to squeeze the internal parts of the abdomen such as the bladder,… This tumor can also cause abnormal bleeding.
  • Genital sassy: When the uterus falls to the vagina.
  • Cancer or pathology can lead to cancer: The cancer can affect the uterus or cervical part between the uterus and the vagina. Sometimes the doctor may recommend a cervical or cervicalectect if there are signs of cervical cancer.
  • Progressive pelvic pain: When the patient sees constant pain in the lower abdomen, also known as chronic pelvic pain.

Uterus shearing

Vaginal uterus removal does not leave scars such as laparoscopic surgery and abdominal surgery

A vaginal orthectar surgery is in place in the case of:

  • Wide, soft vagina
  • Lesions in the uterus in which a uterus is insectned
  • Genital sassy
  • The uterus is not too large
  • Non-inflammatory pelvic

3. Steps to perform a vaginal cirlitative surgery

People who perform a vaginal bypass bypass surgery are specialists with extensive experience in removing the uterus by vaginal bypass.

Before surgery, patients will be evaluated by doctors, full body examinations and specialties to assess coordinated diseases. Advise patients and families about the risks and possible post-surgery events during and after surgery.

Steps to have a vaginal cirlitative surgery:

  • Then 1: Cervical disclosure
  • Then 2: Open the same latter and probe
  • Then 3: Open the same item first, peel off push the bladder upwards
  • Then 4: Tighten and cut the ligaments and uterine vascular stalks
  • Then 5: Tighten and cut the uterine vascular stalk and wide ligaments
  • Then 6: Cut two subs
  • Then 7: Bleeding test
  • Then 8: Close the mesitonees with the same item and stitch the vaginal mucosa

After a vaginal cirlitative surgery, thepatient should be placed with urination and monitor the number and color of urine within 2-3 days. Daily cleaning and disinfection of the area with betadin. After surgery, the patient should sit up 8-12 hours early.


After removal, the uterus is taken out through the vagina

In summary, a vaginal uterusecting is one of the most effective treatments for aectar. However, in the case of a vaginal cirlitulsion, it is necessary to satisfy conditions such as not too large uterus, soft and wide vagina, no pelvic inflammation, genital prolapse,… After surgery, the patient should be monitored, so when there are abnormal signs, it is necessary to immediately notify the medical staff for timely intervention.

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The basic gynecology examination and screening package for female clients, with no age limit and possible symptoms as follows:

  • Abnormal bleeding of the vaginal area
  • Menstrual problems: abnormally long cycles, irregular menstruation
  • Abnormal vaginal translation (bad smell, unusual color)
  • Pain, itching of the closed area
  • Female customers have a few risk factors such as bad personal hygiene, unsafe sex,abortion,…
  • Female customers have other symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, pain in the closed area, abnormal vaginal bleeding.

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