Learn how open-heart surgery treats inter-cardiac

Inter-cardiac communication is congenital heart disease, which appears abnormal malformations from the very beginning of birth. Children with this malformations are often slow to grow and have many dangerous complications if they are not treated early.

1. What is a connection?

A septal septum is a hole in the septum between the two centers. This hole makes the blood on both sides of the mind mixed together, making the blood go to feed the body containing less oxygen.

A mediascular communication can cause heart failure because the heart does not pump enough blood. In children if this malformations are near the aortic valve can cause damage to the valve as the baby grow up. At the same time, it makes the baby slow to grow with many dangerous complications if not treated in time.

2. How to treat the congenital heart through the mediasicardia?

Due to the progress of various types of inter-concatenation, it is very diverse and complex. Therefore, the treatment of inter-nodes will be prescribed based on factors such as age, blood pressure, anatomy damage and in-house treatment.

Learn how open-heart surgery treats inter-cardiac

Inter-conning simulation

The treatment of intersymthance will have 3 main methods:

  • Medical treatment in combination with monitoring of the condition.
  • Open heart surgery.
  • Close the cathe communications through the cathethe pipeline.

If the mediasic intersym is small, there will usually be no need for treatment by any method. Some children with small intersymable devices may lose themselves as they grow older.

If the mediasdular communication is large, open heart surgery will be in place to prevent potentially dangerous complications. Surgery may be carried out as soon as the child is in the first few months or based on the child's condition. Casing surgery is a fairly safe method, the connecting hole will be sealed after the end of the operation.

3. Learn about painless open heart surgery

Open heart surgery methods have been applied by many developed countries such as the US, Japan, European countries …

Painless open heart surgery

Painless open heart surgery is carried out according to the following basic steps:

  • The patient will receive a full-body anesthesia, which helps the person fall asleep and not have any painful sensations during the operation.
  • The doctor conducts an incision 8-10 inches long in the chest. Surgery pierced the layers to reveal the heart.
  • Once the heart has been revealed, the patient will be connected to a cardiectmaker – lung or re-pumping pump during surgery. The heart will temporarily stop beating while connected to the machine. The machine will replace the heart and lungs to perform the function of adding oxygen to the blood and transporting blood to feed the body.
  • After the surgery, the doctor will close the incision and stitch the cut, completing the painless open heart surgery.

Learn how open-heart surgery treats inter-cardiac

Share99 Central Park International Health Hub received many inter-casing surgeries

Advantages of painless open heart surgery

  • The advantage of this method is that the entire operation of the heart and lungs is still going normally during machine surgery.
  • The duration of surgery is also shorter, patients are less likely to lose blood, small incisions, painless, reduce the risk of stroke, reduce hospital stays, of course will reduce the cost of heart surgery.
  • This is the surgical method in which many cardiovascular diseases need surgery, in which the diseases of the fibrillation, atrial fibrillation, pathology of 1 heart valve. Especially for women who focus on aesthetic issues after surgery.

Up to now, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub has successfully performed 250 successful casing and aortic valve opening surgeries. The hospital is a gathering place for many domestic and international doctors with good expertise. The facilities and all the leading modern equipment today, such as the modern cardiovascular operating room system (Operation Room) allows to perform surgical techniques with high accuracy. Tesla MRI 3 scanner, 640-sequence resym resonance imaging machine…. Thanks to these conditions, Share99 has performed complex surgeries on heart valves, coronary arteries, aortic diseases,… with a high success rate.

In order to help cardiovascular patients in general access optimal treatments at a cost-effective way compared to overseas treatment, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub applies a package of cardiovascular disease treatment models. This is a treatment that is being carried out in leading cardiovascular centers in the US and many other developed countries such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Pennsylvania….

Bundle payment will be applied with one of 4 techniques:

  • Cross-skin aortic valve replacement (TAVI intervention)
  • Coronary intervention stent placement
  • Aortic Bridgeing Surgery
  • Inter-anatomy;

When prescribed cardiovascular treatment with one of the above 4 methods, the patient will be consulted to select and contract to use the appropriate method. The contract includes treatments, hospital stays, number of visits and fixed costs. During the contracted treatment period, the patient does not have to pay additional costs.

Share99 Central Park Cardiovascular Center has successfully treated more than 98% of TAVI interventions, open heart surgery, painless open heart surgery with ESP technical coordination, effective even for severe, elderly cases.

  • Multidisciplinary treatment: Patients will be planned for comprehensive and transparent treatment by a team of multidisciplinary ekip, coordinated from many fields;
  • The treatment regimen is standardized according to the standards of prestigious cardiovascular associations in the world;
  • Patients have direct access to the most optimal and appropriate regimen,avoiding having to experiment with a variety of treatments that are costly or reduce the effectiveness of treatment;
  • Increase recovery, reduce hospitalization time;
  • Peace of mind about the healing plan and proactive treatment costs;

Share99 Central Park Cardiovascular Center is one of the key centers of Share99 Health System, achieving JCI global certification. The center is invested with modern equipment and well-trained human resources, including many leading experts in the field of Cardiologist such as:

  • Professor, PhD, Dr Vo Thanh Nhan: Vietnam's first expert in the technique of cross-skin aortic valve replacement (TAVI); leading in the implementation of new, intensive cardiovascular techniques: MitraClip, StentGraft …
  • Dr. Nguyen Luong Tan: Specialist in the field of adult and children cardiovascular thoracic surgery. Doctors are well-trained in the country and many centers have the world's leading medical background such as France, Australia …
  • Master, Dr. Nguyen DucHien: Has more than 12 years of experience in the field of cardiologist, especially cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Share99 Central Park Cardiovascular Center has successfully treated more than 98% of TAVI interventions, open heart surgery, painless open heart surgery with ESP technical coordination, effective even for severe, elderly cases. Share99 Central Park is also the first hospital in Vietnam to be recognized as an independent TAVI Intervention Center of American standards.

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