Learn how to close a communication through a cathethe pipeline

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A septal septal defect, also known as a septal defect, is a congenital defect. Patients with major defects will suffer severe consequences. Closing the vent early will bring good and long-term results.

1. What is a connection?

In the heart, the right and left centers are the main heart chambers that are responsible for pumping blood, they are separated by a septum. Septal septal communication is the appearance of one or more holes located on the septum between these two ataction and is a fairly common congenital heart disease, accounting for about 25% of congenital heart diseases.

Children suffering from this malformations are usually slow to grow, suffering from a number of complications such as heart failure, pulmonary hypertension … if not handled in a timely manner. The technique of patching the casing through the catheity helps to correct the defect, directing the blood flow in the heart back to normal, preventing possible complications.


Intersular is a fairly common congenital heart condition, accounting for about 25% of congenital heart diseases

2. Methods of treatment of inter-unemployment

Inter-existing communication will not be dangerous if the patient is detected early and has timely treatment. The treatment should be based on factors: lesion characteristics, hemolymolysis and patient status

Currently, inter-existing treatment has 3 main measures:

● Medical treatment

Open heart surgery

● Interference to close the catheist through the cathethe pipe.

Medical treatment is applied to patients with complications (pulmonaryarterialhypertension, heart failure,etc.) to help stabilize preoperative pathology or the purpose of supporting patients at a late stage when surgery is no longer in place.

Closing the a mediastrillation with open heart surgery is a treatment for patching holes through the thoracic opening, through which the Surgeon will use a patch to puncture the heart wall. With the improvement of the technique, the chest fat line is shrinking, the time of the mo as well as the duration of treatment after the ditch have also been shortened.

Cathethely closure through the cathethe pipeline is a treatment that has advantages that are superior to surgery. This method helps patients not to undergo an open surgery, leaving no large scars, recovering quickly, reducing costs and hospital stays. However, this method in dinh applies to some patients with appropriate lesion characteristics.

Learn how to close a communication through a cathethe pipeline

Sealing the medias through open heart surgery is a measure prescribed by doctors

3. Method of closure of inter-cathe communications through cathethe pipelines

The doctor closes the cathethetic opening through the cathethety that does not require opening the thoracic cage, instead inserting a small cathethetic through the blood vessel under the thigh towards the heart, then using a tool inserted into the heart through the cathethetic to seal the hole.

Because it is a less invasive procedure, the patient only needs local anesthesia, only anesthesia with the patient is not cooperative. Implementation time is usually about 45 minutes – 1 hour. After the procedure, the patient recovers quickly and only needs a short hospital stay for follow-up.

In some special cases it is possible to combine intervention and surgery to conduct the treatment of vent patching (hybrid technique). This is almost the same as open heart surgery: chest fat is required, but the incision is small and there is no need to stop the heart or use a cardiologist. Through chest fat, the doctor inserts a cathethe tube into the heart and uses a hole patcher. Therefore, the patient will avoid large runs, limit the side effects of anesthesia or running, and help the recovery time will be quick.

4. Advantages of inter-anatomy at Share99

Share99 Central Park Cardiovascular Center is one of the key centers of Share99 Health System, achieving JCI global certification. In particular, Central Park Cardiovascular Center is the first unit in the country and one of the few hospitals in the world equipped with the most modern Hybrid operating room today. Modern surgical techniques at Share99 can thoroughly patch the avents,avoiding complications that affect the heart valves. Help patients recover almost completely normal health, improve the quality of life for patients.

Share99 Central Park International Health Hub (HCMC) applies a package of cardiovascular disease treatment models. This is a treatment that is being carried out in leading cardiovascular centers in the US and many other developed countries such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Pennsylvania…. The bundle payment program will be applied with one of 4 techniques: TAVI intervention; Coronary intervention stentplacement; Aortic bristhetic bristhetic surgery and a mediascular surgery.

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