Learn high starting short running techniques

Short running is the basic speed sport in athletics. In addition, short runs are also sprints. However, in order for the competition to achieve high results, athletes need to master the techniques, especially the high starting short running technique.

1. Requirements for high starting short running techniques

To perform the right high starting technique in athletics as well as other running requirements, you need to meet some of the following requirements:

1.1 Body position

You need to keep the upper body slightly reclining forward and form an angle of no more than 4-5 degrees, the shoulders limit a lot of shaking to avoid laborious body. The requirements for the head and body need to be kept straight so that the neck muscles and front muscles are naturally relaxed. This method will help you run in a more comfortable way and not get too stressed.

1.2 Movement of the legs

For high-altitude runningtechniques, you do not pedal after exertion at each step of the run and also do not pedal later with the same small angle as in the distance between short distances (50 – 55 degrees).

The best way for you to save effort on your legs is to step behind in the right direction and coordinate the rear pedal with the reclining of the upper body combining rhythmically with the movements of both hands.

However, the muscles when participating in the rear pedaling process need to be rested at the right time, so fold your legs naturally according to inerity as soon as the legs have just left the ground.

This technique both helps athletes save energy and helps the legs to be brought forward at full speed.

The method helps you not lose too much effort, while running you should choose your footing point in advance with the requirement to be close to the center of mind of the body, which helps you limit the jet motivated by your husband first. Pedaling with attention to postpone pulses is a necessary skill for runners, so practicing this movement smoothly is an advantage for you.

1.3 Hand movement in high starting technique

Hands need to be compared to leg movement. Hitting your hands during the run helps your body keep balance. Moreover, hitting your hands at the same time as your breathing also helps the frequency of the runs to be adjusted.

Short running techniques

To get the best results when running short, you need to perform the right technique

2. How to distribute speed between breathing and running steps in high-starting short-running techniques

Requirements for breathing and running steps need to be coordinated rhythmically. For example, when your running speed is not too large, you should take three inhalation steps and three exhalation steps.

For those with a fast pace, breathing will be faster, so it takes 2 inhalation steps and 2 exhalation steps. Until the body is tired, the breathing and running will not be combined.

A note during breathing while running, you need to inhale with both mouth and nose, deep and active breathing. You should practice for yourself the habit of taking deep breaths right from the first steps, thereby helping the body to maintain breathing to avoid lack of oxygen too early.

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