What is the pulmonary lobe?

The lungs are the body of the respiratory system. Their function transmits oxygen into the bloodstream and releases carbon dioxide from the bloodstream. Each lung is divided into pulmonary fisses prevented by the pleura in the form of fisses. The lungs must be upper, middle and lower, but the left lung has only upper and lower.

1. What is pulmonary shrinking?

The lungs are divided into fisses by the pleura in the form of fisses. These fisses allow the lungs to expand. The lungs consist of five sys. The left lung has upper and lower shrinks. Meanwhile, the lungs must have upper, middle and lower.

The shrinkage is characterized by a discrete connection with the first partition of the bronchial plant and the back of the main bronchi of the two lungs (this is the bronchi). The blood supply, nerve signals, and lymph from connections to each are associated with other vessels. This makes the units relatively independent in the lungs.

Furthermore, the sys are divided into bronchopulmonary segments that are also the volume of the lungs with an organized arrangement interstal in a collection and do not depend on the same function of other monks. With the division of the bronchi, each segment is divided into sub-pulmonary sub-segments.

What is pulmonary shrink

Fisses create boundaries between the pulmonary lobes

2. Types of pulmonary shrinking

The main pulmonary peduncle enters the lungs at the connection and branches into a subsolecle also known as bronchial syscopy. Here it will provide air for each lung. The bronchial branch will become a third-degree bronchi also known as the pulmonary stalk segmentation, and the air provided for the next segment of the pulmonary sysmole is called the bronchopulmonary segment. Each bronchopulmonary segment has its own bronchial segment and its own artery. Anatomy of this segment to locate pathogenic processes in the lungs. A segment is a separate unit that can be surgically removed without seriously affecting the surrounding tissues.

2.1. Upper lung

The upper sys of each lung are the top pieces also known as the upper sys. Each receives air from the separate branch of the bronchial plant (bronchial shrinkage). In the lungs, these bronchis are divided into smaller tubes. The smallest of these tubes is called bronchi. The bronchi controls the exchange of gases with alveoli, small air s pockets in the lungs.

Each of the lungs has the same function: to put oxygen in the bloodstream and eliminate carbon dioxide. Parts of the lungs or entire lungs are removed if lung diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, and emphysema are treated.

2.2. Middle lung

Only the lungs must have a middle lung. This lung is located between the upper lung and the lower lung. The function of the middle lung is similar to upper lung shrink.

Pulmonary shrink

Types of pulmonary shrinking in the human body

2.3. Lower lungs

Both the left and right lungs have lower lungs. It is 200,000 times the size of each lung. Oblique cracks divide the upper and lower segments of the lungs. However, in the lungs there must be an additional horizontal crack separating the middle. Oblique fisses are usually found along the sixth rib. Although uncommon, it is possible to separate the lower shrink from the rest of the lungs and transplant it into the lungs of others with inactive or inactive lungs. This is the proposed alternative to a full-lung transplant from the body. It is a special alternative because organ donors do not need to die to donate lower lungs.

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