Foods that adversely affect Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the fat in the blood, which plays a role in the production of hormones and maintains cell membrane function. Some foods that increase bad cholesterol will not be good for the body, leaving you at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

1. Foods labeled "Low Cholesterol"

When shopping and seeing a product advertised as "Low cholesterol content", you still need to check the nutritional composition on the label. If there is a lot of saturated fat then this is a food that increases LDL bad cholesterol. In addition, you also carefully check the volume because the actual product may be smaller than the illustration outside the case. If they are too small, you are forced to eat more than one portion, and so the more cholesterol the body will receive.

2. Coffee

Just a cup of morning coffee can also cause your cholesterol levels to skyrocket. Espresso or some French and Turkish coffees contain cafestol – a factor that increases LDL bad cholesterol levels. However, drip coffee can filter and remove cafestol. Therefore, the familiar choice of the majority of Vietnamese is considered safe.

Can coffee trigger a heart attack?

Using phin coffee helps protect health better than Espresso

3. Thai dishes

Thai food is usually spicy and rich, but is also one of the foods that increase cholesterol if you do not choose carefully. The cause lies in coconut milk – a familiar raw material in curry and high in saturated fat. If you want to use Thai dishes, choose stir-fried dishes or noodles, and ask the chef to prepare it by steaming or using vegetableoil. It is also recommended to choose chicken instead of beef, served with plenty of vegetables. So you can enjoy the dish with peace of mind without worrying too much about cholesterol levels.

4. Granola Oats

Many people think that this type of breakfast cake is a healthy food. However, delicious, crunchy oat bars are often accompanied by a huge amount of saturated fat. Even granola brands labeling low fats may be higher than some other cereals. You should choose granola oats that are sweetened only with dried fruits, honey or maple syrup, and contain at least 20% of the recommended daily amount of fiber.

5. shrimp

Although seafood is a good option when you want to reduce bad cholesterol, shrimp is an exception. A serving of steamed or boiled shrimp without added fat also contains about 190 milligrams of cholesterol. The American Heart Association recommends limiting cholesterol to 300mg/day or 200mg/day if you have heart disease or high cholesterol. Try replacing shrimp with scallops , a seafood with cholesterol of only 1/4 of that of shrimp.

shrimp processing

Excessive use of shrimp during the day will increase bad cholesterol

6. Wheat flour

Breads made from wheat flour, or even whole wheat, contain higher saturated fats than corn flour or almond flour (not fried in oil). If you want to make savory bread, choose these alternative flours (without lard ingredients) and add healthy ingredients such as grilled chicken, tomatoes and chopped vegetables.

7. Animal organs

Eating animal organs can cause your cholesterol levels to tend to increase. Offal meats such as the liver, kidneys and spleen have a higher content of bad cholesterol than other meats. Although cow liver is high iniron , there are still other foods that are also abundant in iron that you can choose to replace. Only about 85g of organs should be used per month.

8. butter

Both Butter and Margarine avocados have saturated fats, so limited use is recommended only. Butter made from animal fat should contain more saturated fat. Margarine is made from vegetable oils, containing unsaturated "good" fats – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These types of fats help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

If you are using margarosis, opt for soft margarosis instead of hard foundations to reduce trans fat. The advice is to read the nutrition label and find a margarine butter that is low in saturated fat and free of trans fats.


It is recommended to limit the use of avocados made from animal fat

9. Pasta

When eating spaghetti, use plenty of marinara tomato sauce or marsala wine sauce, opt for clams instead of meatballs to lower cholesterol. But it should be noted that cholesterol is not the only factor to be concerned about if you want to plan a healthy diet. Pasta still has a high amount of calories and carbs, so only limited consumption of spaghetti is recommended.

10. Nutritious foods

This dish is usually sold to people who exercise intensely. Although it provides a lot of energy, you still need to check the nutrition label because some types have a high amount of saturated fat. Especially those that have palm seed oil ingredients and add saturated fats are foods that increase cholesterol.

11. Indian Purifying Butter (Ghee)

Indian food can be a good option, but on the condition that no more ghee is added. Ghee is a purifying butter and contains only saturated fats as well as cholesterol. A tablespoon of ghee has 33 milligrams of cholesterol, equivalent to 11% of the recommended daily amount. This is the main ingredients in Indian cuisine, so if you come to the restaurant, ask the chef about the ghee content in the dish. If you're cooking your own Indian dish, reduce the recipe to fit your diet.

Indian avocado

Ghee Purifying Butter

12. duck

If chickens and turkeys are good choices because of low cholesterol levels, then ducks and geese have a high content of bad cholesterol. A cup of cooked duck or goose – even after removing the skin – has about 128 milligrams of cholesterol. Meanwhile the same portion of chicken has only 113 milligrams of cholesterol and turkey is even better, at just 93 milligrams of cholesterol.

13. Some dairy products

Milk is good for the body because it provides you with the necessary calcium and vitamin D. Just look for a milk that is not or is low in fat, replenishing nutrients without much cholesterol. You can also use yogurt instead of sour cream when cooking to cut down on saturated fats and cholesterol.

The content of cholesterol in food affects the ratio of LDL and HDL, which helps to assess the cardiovascular disease index. Not all foods that contain cholesterol are healthy. Similarly there are also many foods that increase bad cholesterol as listed above that you need to avoid.

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