The incubation period of mesubly ill is usually asymptoatic

The quadling is an acute infection, characterized by symptoms of swelling of the salivary glands. The incubation period is usually asymptoatic, so it is often easily spread to others, becoming a dangerous source of infectious disease.

1. Is the virus contagious?

Mumps is an acute infection caused by mumps virus, belonging to rubulavirus, family Paramyxoviridae. The virus can persist for quite a long time in an external environment (from 30 to 60 days at a temperature of 15 – 200C and about 1-2 years at a deep negative temperature – 25 to -700C).

Quad viruses are transmitted by the respiratory tract, viruses found in saliva particles or nasal secretion of the patient are shot out of the air when the patient coughs, sneezes, spits, talks … if the healer inhales directly or through respiratoryly infected items released by the patient, he or she will be at risk of disease. Saliva particles containing small pathogenic live viruses (from 5 – 100 mm) can disperse strongly within 1.5 meters, extremely small, gasathinous particles (less than 5 mm) can hover for hours in the air in enclosed spaces, encountering winds of gas particles containing viruses that can spread further.

Respiratoryly transmitted rails

Respiratoryly transmitted rails

People who do not have immunity can get the virus and get mump disease, although the likelihood of infection may not be as high as some other diseases such as measles, chickenpox. The group with the highest emotionality is children (from 6 months of age, after the mother's immunity runs out). The older the age, the higher the immunity.

In our country, the disease can dissipate all year round, however more common in the autumn-winter months. The cool, cold and dry climate makes it possible for meland to spread more strongly. Immunity usually occurs among children who go to kindergarten, kindergarten, or high school, which can also be seen on older children or young adults and older adults at a lower rate and often in cases of dissipation. The incidence in men is usually higher than in females.

2. Time of incubation of mesubate

The incubation period of medo disease usually lasts, from 12-25 days (2-3 weeks), an average of about 18 days. The reservoir and infectious source of quad disease are human. Typical patients in the on-the-go stage of the disease are the most important sources of transmission, in addition to asympto symptomatic viral carrying (latent chroma) also have an infectious source role. During the outbreak, usually 3-10 people carry the healing virus for every 1 clinical patient, mostly close contact with the patient during the incubation period of the disease.

During the incubation period, thepatient usually has no obvious symptoms, then there will be signs of fatigue, fever, swelling, salivary gland pain …

After the incubation period, the person with the quadd has signs of fever

After the incubation period, people with med meninges show signs of fever and fatigue

3. Is it dangerous to have a quadd disease?

Dangerous complications of the gums cause many people to worry that it is the risk of causing male infertility, men with mesenteritis can become inflamed testicles for about 7-10 days after swelling of the ear glands. The majority of inflammation of the testicles occurs only on one side with manifestations of high fever, cold tremors, vomiting, abdominal pain, enlarged testicles and soreness. Often swelling on one side, may also swell on both sides. This condition lasts about 3-7 days, it is reduced, after 2 months to assess if the testicles atrophy or not. If there is atrophy of the testicles on both sides, the likelihood of infertility is very high. In the remaining cases, the process of spermation can gradually return to normal.

In addition, mesenteritis often causes the following complications: ovarian inflammation, pancreatitis, inflammation of the nerves, arthritis, mastitis, kidney inflammation, pericarditis … Women who are pregnant in the first 3 months with a quadd will easily miscarried.

4. Treatment and prevention of quad disease

Currently, there are no special medicines for the treatment of mesenteritis, most patients with mesthematitis are treated according to the principles: Maximum motor restrictions, sedation and good patient care, especially during the period of total development, anti-inflammatory treatment of testicles, ovaries, pancreatitis, meningitis, antibiotics only when there is a bacterial multiple infection as prescribed; for severe bodies may take immunoglobulins in combination.

The most effective proactive preventive measure for communicable quail disease is to vaccinate children of the prescribed age early.

Share99 International Health Hub currently provides mums vaccination services that prevent all 3 diseases: Measles – mums – rubella.

Vaccinating children with hepatitis B is the most effective prevention

Early vaccination of children of the prescribed age

The advantages of vaccination at Share99 International Health Hub include:

  • Clients are examined by pediatricians – vaccines, fully screened for health and physical problems, advice on vaccines and vaccination regimens, how to monitor and care for children after vaccination before prescribing vaccinations according to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to ensure the best effect. and safest for the child.
  • A team of experienced, professional pediatric doctors and nurses, understanding customer psychology and applying effective pain relief during vaccination.
  • 100% of vaccination customers are monitored 30 minutes after vaccination and re-evaluated before leaving.
  • Customers will be monitored before, during and after vaccination at Share99 Health System and always have emergency ekip ready to coordinate with the vaccination department to handle cases of anaphylactic shock, respiratory failure – stop cyclic, ensure timely handling, correct regimen when incidents occur.
  • The vaccination room is airy, has a play area, helps customers feel comfortable like walking around and have a good mentality before and after vaccination.
  • Vaccines are imported and stored in modern cold storage systems, with COLD chains meeting GSP standards, keeping the vaccine in the best condition to ensure quality.
  • If the customer will receive a reminder message before the vaccination date and the vaccination information will be synchronized with the national immunization information system.

Share99 International Health Hub is offering a package vaccination program with a variety of vaccines for a variety of subjects, from infants, young children, adults, women before and during pregnancy.
Particularly in December 2019, Share99 is free of charge for newborn Hepatitis B vaccination (immediately after birth) for babies when registering for the Package for children from 0-1 year old or from 0-2 years old.

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